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Had been enjoying the LSA Monitor 1’s driven by the wonderful little Quad VA-One tube amp for the last 6 months when a nice Christmas Bonus was turned into a gently used pair of Fritz Carbon 7SE’s just this week...Within 24 hours of setting them up I hit the slots for a neat chunk o change and if I moved the Carbon 7’s out I could afford either the Harbeth M30.2 Anniversary or the Living Voice Avatar R3 or a pair of Demo Verity Audio Finn’s...No way to demo either the Verity or the Living Voice...Amp likely will not change as I REALLY love the sound the little Quad amp makes so it’s 15wpc. would be absolute minimum power on the Harbeths,not to bad into the 8ohm/91 db.Finns & would probably rock the Living Voice at 94db.sensitivity..If I ever do change amps it would be for a SimAudio Moon 240i...
Room size is apx.12’x14’x8’,well treated and I value an organic,natural sound with good timbre,soundstaging & imaging..What do you guys think?

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I auditioned the LIVING VOICE AVATARS at a dealer

They were driven by CROFT separates [tubes], a  DENSEN cdp, and cabled with an all top LFD cable array.

Lovely..... engaging ......full stop.

caution ...... the LVAs are finicky and perform at their best with a careful matching of associated equipment.

(1) The CROFT, DENSEN and LFD were a very significant step up upstream with a large multiple step up in both cost and build with an implied performance upgrade in lockstep, when compared to your QUAD

(2) I wouldn’t get influenced by their higher efficiency alone.

(3) If you can’t audition them personally then it’s a BIG roll of the dice (emphasis added ) with your current QUAD and your unspecified source and listening room acoustic warts.
FWIW .... I would not buy them blind .