Going from one system to another....confused

I would like to utilize the phono stage on an older Denon dra 75vr receiver and incorporate the signal into another system...however it only has "processor loop" in/out, L\R with metal connectors...would the "out" signal essentially be the same as a "pre-out"? Or should i use the tape out l\r rca jacks?....
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The tape out bypasses the volume control,so it wouldn't act as a preamp. I don't think the processor out would be any different.
Getting a separate phono preamp would do much better here for two reasons. One, usually separate phono preamps allow for better sound and more cartridge and loading options than ones built into receivers. Two, the more complicated signal path with more electronics in the single receiver box usually is not best for the quality of the signal.

Can you afford a separate phono stage? If so, I have an almost new Pro-ject tube phono box II with upgraded tubes for sale if you are interested. You can email me via the member lookup under the Community header in the right section of the home page.
In general, the "tape out," should be the best way to go. The volume control, any signal processing normally doesn't change anything using this output. The volume should stay at a fixed level, meaning the level shouldn't change using the "tape out", even if you change it on this Denon DRA75. The volume be controlled by your other preamp. Input selector would need to be set for phono, and the proper phono cartridge (MM/MC) type also.

The pre-out output normally would be for using the whole preamp, tone, volume, and input selector section of the unit, to feed an outboard power amp. All of the controls (just mentioned) change the outputs coming from these pre-outs. It's like a stand alone preamp this way.

Who knows what it could go through using any other outputs, without a manual. Can't seem to find one online.