Going from one stereo Primaluna Evo Amp to Monoblocks...

Hi All,

i am condidering adding another Evo 400 and running them as Monoblocks. Any input if the investment is noticeable?I like what I am hearing now, but I was wondering to from those of you that made the leap to PL monos. 

I have no experience with the eco series but I have a pair of Dialogue Premium HPs. Started with one and recently adding a second one to monoblock them. It’s an amazing improvement. Better soundstage, more weight to the bass, more texture, more separation and more dynamic overall. Only issue is tube rolling is ridiculously expensive.
Monoblocs always sound better, more effortless sound.
  Have had stereo amps and monoblocs. Monos always have more oomph!, Amd just have a more airyness to them, you may gain. A little volume and better sound.

 I know I always heard a difference w monoblocs vs stereo amps.

 Get good cables, and happy listening!


Thanks for the responses.

Linlifdc, i hear you on The tubes rolling. They  will be pricey for sure. I am running KT150’s which add up quickly. I have some mullard and Brimar tubes for up front so I am set there for a while. Thanks again for the info. 
Nice! Did you go NOS for the Mullard and the Brimar? Did you change out all six on each amp or just the two driver tubes on each amp?
Only one amp right now. Running NOS mullard and Brimar on amp and Preamp. Millard’s are in two drivers and Brimar in the other spots. I swap around once in a while but always end up with 4 mullard  and two Brimar on Amp.  Also running Mullard,Clifte, and   Philips rectifiers on the PL Dialogue Pre.  Preamp.