going from older shure cart to?

Have older 97 series cart that sounds good...but am itching to try something new...Fwiw its the hyperellipitcal version...so its pretty decent...can I surpass it for 150 new?...also...table is vintage dual belt drive...would a denon 110 work?
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Stick to the newer version of the 97, as I think you will be disappointed in spending about $150 for something else. I have two tt's, one is loaded with a $2K Clearaudio and its platform is a VPI Aries. The other is a Denon 47F which I rotate a number of different cartridges, including the newer 97. Believe me, the 97 is not too far behind the $2K cartridge. Look to do an upgrade to your tt before spending any more money on a cartridge.