Going from HT to 2CH...spkr suggestions $2000ish

Check my system for details: I am considering going from HT to 2ch only. Selling the 3 channel amp and all my speakers (not sub) and getting a nice set of mains for around $2000ish.

First off, how diminished will my theater experience be?
Secondly, how much better will my 2 channel experience be with some nicer speakers?
Thirdly, can you recommend a decent set of floorstanders for around $2k?

Thanks in advance.

contrats on moving to two channel
you will not be disappointed

ht is just a smearing of stereo unless really done right and recorded correctly (few things are recorded to make real use of the format)

movies, who needs a speaker tickling your back?

friends are always impressed with my two channel setup for movies

paradigns are decent speakers

two questions
what type of room (reflective or damped) and size?
what types of music

I would look used for the following

Von Schweikert VR4 or VR 4.5 get newer drivers
incredible imaging and resolution (you can even spend extra money on innerconnects and speaker wire)

B&W Nautilus 4

JM Labs

listen to as many as you can with your type of music

The room is pretty well damped. Ceiling is about 14ft rising to 19ft as you approach listening position. Room is about 13ft wide by 19ft long. I sit about 11ft from the source lengthwise in the room.

I listen to mostly upbeat stuff. Rock, techno, jazz, blues etc.

Thanks again.
have you ever tried the speakers on the long wall?

von schweikerts sound nice for your wide range of music

do a search on them here for reviews
very musical, image well, reasonably priced,
good tonal balance and these speakers disappear in a room
very nice

will put my 2 cents in,

You can have it both ways Joe! HT and 2 ch audio.
Take my case:

1)using an affordable receiver (harmon kardon $300 used)
2)connected to my front speakers(von schweikerts VR4,nice)
3)for rear speakers I use a pair of used speakers(ohms,$100 used)
4)a cheap center channel speaker will do the job.

For 2 channel I use an unison research S8 integrated(most of my $$ invested here along with my front end).

only requires to switch cables at speaker ends(takes a few seconds)and you can enjoy both without going broke.

Love my 2 channel indeed 80% of the time but I do appreciate the 20% time I watch those movies too.

Like Tom said the VR4 are great and for both use,very open,huge soundstage/bass.

The vr4.5 are silver wired and have a reputation to be too bright by most,the vr4 use copper and still feel very open/transparent,use your amp wisely with them(tube will do them best or SS with on the warm side of sonics)

triangle are nice speakers too for HT/2ch but I think the VR4 gives the extra weight delivery due to their big bass.

hope this helped a little to give alternative route to choose.