Going from 5Ch amp to separate 3Ch & 2 Ch. amps.

I know this may sound rather basic, but I never did this and all I've known is what my slick salesman told me..I want to get separate amps but don't know how to hook them up ? I listen to 80% music and 20% HT, so I have Def. Tech.'s all around(5CH). I want to move up to B&W 802's for music,(I always listen in 2 Ch.) and I know then I will give up some quality sound in movies..Any help on hook-ups, and components suggestions are greatly appreciated ! Thanks ! Larry
I would use a 2 ch amp for your mains and the 3 ch amp for center and surrounds. As to hooking things up, you would simply connect the appr outputs from the processor to the appr inputs on each amp. The only difference would be that you now have two boxes for the five channels instead of one. You'll still have the same amount of cables, input and output jacks, etc.... Sean
God Sean, you make it sound so easy :^). But of course you do, your a smart guy! And in fact what Sean said is dead on.

I run two amps in my H/T system one is the Classe CA-301, which ties to the main left and right speakers. The other is a Classe CAV 150 six-channel amp bridged for three to run center and surround. I'm able to get the same output wattage to all five speakers this way when I run in 5.1.

I think this is the key to getting a good blend from two amps. If the output of the amps were different it may make setting the room up a little more challenging. I'm not saying it couldn't be done however.

Please note when listening to music you will only need to run your stereo amp. You can save a little money on your electric bill that way.