Going down Need help with cheap integrated amp

Hi-Due to the wonderful economy I have been downsizing my system. I have owned or tried many different integrated amps including Bel Canto, Cambridge Audio 840, Vincent 236, Creek 5350, Destiny, NAD, Rotel, Anthem, etc. I had settled on an Exposure but couldn't really afford to keep that. Plus, I would like a headphone jack which seems to be against the law to put one in most integrateds nowdays. Two integrated amps stand out in my mind for their sheer ability to sound like music and connect emotionally-they are not perfect-they have their issues and faults. They are the NAD 3020 and the Exposure 2010S. In fact I think these two have very similar characteristics. Unfortunately, the Exposure is out of the question. I do have an NAD 7020 receiver, but it does not have remote, which is very annoying. So here is the question. Is there an integrated in the $200-$300 used price range that has the same communicative way of reproducing music that the Exposure or the 3020/7020 does? Maybe a better question is, has anybody compared directly a 3020 to an NAD 320BEE or 325BEE? Do the new units sound at all like the 3020? I should point out that the NAD sound has not been consistent over the years. I have owned the monitor series stuff and this past summer directly compared a 317 integrated against its successor, the 370. It was very interesting. The 317 had sharper images, was more dynamic, and was quicker. The 370 sounded somewhat mushy, warm, and slow. The point is, I cannot assume that a 320 or a 325 sounds as good as, or even like, a 3020 just because they are the supposed 'new & improved'. That's why I ask if anyone has compared these units head to head.
Thank you for your help.
Investigate the Arcam Alpha 8r and the Cambridge 340A. The Arcam is definitely better and there is one listed for $350 obo here on A'gon. I've owned the Cambridge and it is great for the money but will not have that Arcam sound which will be stronger, more open and simply musical. I've owned several Arcam pieces and they are worth the money. Hope this helps.
It's been too long since I heard a 3020 for me to compare it with a 320BEE. If it were me I wouldn't hesitate though. The 320BEE (we have more than one) can sound warm, detailed, dynamic, involving--it's the nicest sound I've heard from NAD.

Give it a decent input signal. My son uses his Power Mac G5 and a 50-buck Muse TDA1543 outboard DAC, with a TeraDak USB interface and cables from A'goner Acreyes.
Very interesting question! I own a little 302 w/402 tuner and 521i CDP which sounds most excellent. Unfortunately, haven't compared a newer NAD int. amp offering against the 302. Hope someone offers more insight and you find something which meets your needs. Bill
The smaller recent NAD 32Xs are very good. The new 315 is ridiculous. Cambridge 340A and used 540A are also very good.
Sorry to hear of your situation there.
As for an inexpensive integrated amp, I always thought the Harman Kardon amps of that era were some of the best sounding. A low powered HK amp from the 80s and early 90s would be my choice. Very reliable too.
"ridiculous" as in ridiculously good, in case that wasn't clear. Sorry.