Going back to whence I came...

Hello All,

So I have struggled for the last few years. Let me give some history...20 years ago I had finally achieved the "perfect sound system" for me. It was a wild and crazy (and expensive) journey. But I finally got there. Unfortunately it didn't last very long as a divorce kind of forced me to sell off all of my gear (Dynaudio Audience 82's, 122C, 52's, driven by Rotel RMB1095, Transparent cabling throughout). I was probably 65-35 music/ht, for music playback I used my Pioneer PD-F908 101 disc carousel. For music listening through this system it truly couldn't get any better...Well now fast forward 20 years (I had been out of this hobby the entire 20 years) and have bought a house and put together a new 5.1 system. This time I started with Dynaudio Excite and have since moved to Evoke (the Dynaudio sound just completely hooked me back then as soon as I heard them - and now) driven by a Rotel RSP-1582 processor with a Simaudio Titan HT200 5 channel amp supplying the thunder. However I still had no way to listen to music (I'm just not into exploring the streaming thing and have hundreds of cd's). Since they no longer make carousel changers (this is a must for me to be able to load multiple discs), I wondered how the hell am I going to get anywhere near the sound I remember from cd's back in the day???? So I initially bought the Audioengine B1 wireless adapter as this offered "cd quality" wireless sound and listened to my music through my iPhone. This was great but yet I still couldn't help but feel something was still missing. Then someone said hard wired is always better, so someone pointed me toward the Dragonfly Cobalt connected to the camera adapter to my phone via a 3.5 to RCA connection. This actually did seem to gain me a little more as far as sound quality. But that has its own quirks with pausing and hiccupping here and there. So then I looked into the Bluesound Vault 2i to rip my cd collection and basically use that like a carousel cd player. However this was not an option as I found out it still had to be hard wired to my router (not optional my router is on a different floor and can't be moved). So after all this and all the while eyeing the exact same Pioneer unit used and mostly in true "used" condition (Ebay, Amazon) going for anywhere from 100 dollars (without remote) to like 600 dollars (to spend that kind of money on something that may last a week-these units are roughly 15-20 years old now is why I kept hesitating). So to make this already long story short, I finally found what looked like a great unit in very good condition and pulled the trigger on the Pioneer PD-F908 (with remote:)) for $189 on Ebay. Just got it yesterday. I haven't connected and tried it out yet, but right now I am just overridden with excitement and angst and cannot wait to get home, connect it, and see if I hear a difference between what I have been listening to and going back in time to where I was most content...Not really a point to this story, just wanted to share. For me, sometimes the only way to get back what you lost is to go back where you were :) (of course providing it's still possible:)...
Paragraphs are your friend. That was a tough read........
Thanks, but you know that's the beauty of freedom, you're not required to read it:)
Nothing like that Christmas morning feeling when you get a new or used piece of gear.
Hope it sounds as great as you remember, let us know. Welcome back and happy listening.
Thanks, but you know that's the beauty of freedom, you're not required to read it:)
A little constructive criticism might do you good.
Thanks johnto😊! Yes it’s exactly that Christmas morning feeling even as an adult! Appreciate you taking the time to read and and post a positive response😊

ozzy62 you know I have a hundred different responses that would all fit to your negativity. However what then? You retort then I retort and for what honestly? So I simply won’t feed into it...keep going as I’m sure you will but I’m done with this interaction...
I was never taught properly, I cannot write a paragraph, I make nearly every sentence separate so each point can be 'found' separately. 

I had a highly revered Onkyo CD player, dual individually matched Burr Brown processors, .. heavy ... shielding .. transport ...

Oh I loved originally researching, white papers, receiving, having a superior machine, at least not having 'problems' lesser units might produce.

My niece was having a garage sale, had an old Sony 5 disc changer. I thought I would 'add' it to the system, 'good enough' for large parties. Use 'great' machine for dedicated listening.

Subsequently, neither I, nor any of my audiophile friends can hear a difference. Gave the larger Onkyo away to have the advantage of the smaller carousel.

Back to Vinyl which everyone prefers to prior or current CD, and still have Reel to Reel which everyone prefers to LP.

Got my PD-F908 connected and powered up last night. Oh my God this is EXACTLY what has been missing! I don't care what any advertisement says or claims, the ONLY way to get "cd quality sound" is with a cd player! Absolutely AMAZING! I couldn't stop listening. Wish I had done this sooner (and saved some money)! Honestly more of a difference adding this unit than from going from Excite to Evoke. I can only describe the sound as "livelier". More snap, vocals (especially Diana Krall) have that extra sense of realism, and every song has an extra level of detail and I noticed this immediately....

Honestly I really didn't know what to expect and I was trying not to have any expectations (an exercise in futility) so as not to be let down. But this was even better than I could have hoped for! So much so that I dropped $200 last night ordering cd's from Amazon, LOL!

Anyone want to buy an Audioengine B1, and/or Dragonfly Cobalt with an Audioquest Golden Gate 5m 3.5 to rca cable? :)

OP:  Yamaha and Onkyo both make CD changers...still. 
Glad you found your sound @kingbr. In the end it really makes no difference how you do it. If it moves you and makes you want to listen more then you’ve nailed it. Nothing else matters. Congrats.

I’m a CD guy too. But, I don’t mind a ripped CD. Got most of my CDs on an unmodified Mac Mini (horrors!) played through my Oppo’s DAC. CDs played directly though the Oppo sound marginally better, but not worlds better than the ripped CDs.
Thanks n80! Very well said, and you are so right - doesn't matter how because once you get there (or get BACK there in my case :) whatever path it was was obviously the right one! :)