Going back to Solid state what should I get.

Hey everyone. I wanted to get your opinion concerning going back to solid state integrated amp. I am currently using an Onix Sp3 and although I love the sound it produces through my modded squeeze box/ GMA Europas it is time to move on. I have a few gripes with this amp, one being the lack of inputs and tube rolling. So I am soon going to put it on the market and wanted to know what solid state integrated amp do you all suggest for about $800 new/used. Thanks

What is the rest of your system? Are your speakers a difficult load? How big is your room? What are your sources (do you need phono?)?
Creek 5350SE
Well this is the specs of my Europas.

a 6" two-way, ported, 4 Ohms load. That is its impedance curve above. 88-89dB/2.83Volts @ 1 meter, -3dB at 49Hz, +/- 1dB from 55Hz to 21kHz. 15W to 120W into 8 Ohm amplifiers. Expect to use 24" to 28" tall speaker stands for a listener on a sofa at 8-12 feet. 8 x 10.5 x 18.5", 43lbs each, solid cast marble.

As for my room, it is about 12X18. I use a Bolder Cable modded squeezebox for all my music. I am also planning to connect a DVD play through these speakers and my computer when for mastering purposes. Might want to connect some game consoles for my kids but thats it.