Going Back To A Bi-Amp Setup...Need Advice

I once had my system set up in Bi-Amp mode using a Class D Audio 470c for the woofers on my Revel F52`s and my Rogue Atlas Magnum for the mids and highs and it worked nicely.

After awhile I felt as though I really didn`t need all that power for the listening levels that I like, so I sold the 470 and have been running the speakers full range through the Rogue ever since.

But now, I want to do it again but to my knowledge few amps have adjustable outputs like the Class D Audio did which was pretty useful in dialing it all in.

I want a different flavor this time around to power the woofers otherwise I would just get another 470. 

An amp like the Parasound A21 would work, but I wonder if there is a way to add a outboard volume control so that I`m not forced to only shop for an amp with adjustable outs ??

And also...is a Class D amp (design) a better candidate for this arrangement ??  They have gobs of power and are cool running to boot.
Thanks yogiboy...didn`t realize it could be as simple as that ! Interesting...

If you are using solid state preamp that should work fine. 

An alternative arrangement, much more complicated, is to use a miniDSP for level and bass EQ. 


Erik...I`m using a Tortuga Audio preamp with two outs so I`ll be using a splitter on one of them to feed the amp for the woofers.

I`m not an EE so I`ll need to find out what I need to look for when it comes to impedance matching and all that.

Bryston has "Pro" versions, of at least some, of its amps which have volume controls. I've recently acquired a 4B3 which has switchable gain, i.e. 26db or 29db. Using to bi-amp my woofers (BAT for the uppers). Working really well!
👍 For Bryston. And no need to worry about gain because they almost all match each other. I have bi amped with Bryston 2B 3B and 4B with no gain issues at all. But if you still want it the pro models have the Gain controls. Not sure what the budget is but here is a very affordable and awsome combo. 

2B LP mid and high freq
3B or 4B for low end freq

You can step up to the ST models but I didn't find too much difference.. My next step up will be to the SST2 
X3 for $ though. 

All the power you will ever need. And they are awsome amps. 20 year warranty. A few st's are maybe still under warranty and I think all sst's still have warranty. 

And if you want,  just call Bryston they are more than happy to steer you in the right direction with their gear of course. 
The issue with the Schiit passive is the (relatively) low impedance, only 10 kOhms. Put in parallel with say, 20kOhms of another device and you are looking at a very low impedance.

If you were running a solid state preamp with 2 outputs, no problem. But with either passive or tube, this is an iffy combination.



Thanks guys !
Whats the current thinking on using a Class D amp to power the bass section of speakers that have the ability to bi-amp ?
I`m leaning towards something in the 400 watt @ 8 ohm to do the job.
Ok...here`s where I`m at right now.

I need to raise the input impedance of two amps, a subwoofer amp that has 10K input and the other amp that I want to use for the bass section has 12K input. 
 A  buffer seems to be needed, so what`s out there that will do the job and are there any made with two inputs and two outputs ?