Going Aktiv

I took the plunge and ordered a second Linn AV5140 and will be making the jump to full Aktiv on my front three speakers (Linn AV5140s / Linn Ekwal).

Has anyone removed the passive x-overs before? Just curious how involved it will be to get them out of the enclosures. I'm guessing I could pull the woofer out and just reach in and grab it??

I think it is a little more complicated than this with these particular speakers (unlike with the newer Espeks). I would strongly recommend you call a Linn shop and have them do this for you. If you live in an area where there is no Linn dealer, I would recommend you ask this question on Pinkfish (http://www.pinkfishmedia.net/). Users of this site have a great amount of experience with U.K. gear, including Linn, and there are a lot of DIY minded people there as well.
It really was simple... just pop out the rear woofer. Remove the passive x-over - cut the leads and re-solder the speaker wires to the aktivator card.

I am simply blown away by the changes. I thought this was a good system while passive - but aktiv makes the old passive 5140's sound like ass.

I highly recommend going aktiv to anyone with a Linn system!
Know his is off subject but if you want to bring your Linn's into mid 21st century take a look at the DEQX site.This is the company that supplied the technology that made everybody's jaw drop at CES and give it best of show etc.It is not just a pre or a room processor but most importantly a component or speaker processor.Digital like CD ,5.1,SACD ic fed into it and analogue signals are converted inot digital domain/No mater what speakers they are used with and how good the x-overs are they are replaced by the DEQX which uses complex technology and power of a desk top computer to maximize the potential of all components like drivers,cabinets etc (The NHTDx system defied all previous eperinces in terms of bredth,depth and width of sound stage and had clean bass that went way below what you would think a sub that size could produce) to make any speaker sound it's best/I know a guy who bought $10K Infitnity Preludes and next to it took a pair of 25 year old dahlquist DQ 20
s and made them sound dmn close to the Stereophile Class A Infinity's/He ultimately built some fre edge subs mounted into his floor joists anbd when I losat touch had sourced some drivers like scan speake or Fostex a set of ribbons and was going to make di pole out of highly compressed foam.All I know is do to his experience and reviews of NHT's I thinbk this is wave of the future allready hear.The NHT had digital amps (which have goten beter and beter see Bel Canto and PS Audio reviews after first generations sounded terrible now they are getiong great reviews.But NHT and buddies system (his was going to go with standard amps) have less to do with amps used.But if you could ever entertain $3,500 pre/pro give DEQX site a look.They brought in Linns to a shop where I worked for 6 years a few months after left and they could give our B&W;'s a run for thier money/But it's their component nature that made me think of the DEQX.Like I said I think the future is here.