going active with Linn Majik

I'm still thinking I will buy a Linn Majik one of these days. I was wondering how hard it is to install the active crossover cards into it. Is this something I could do myself? Or do I need to have a Linn dealer do it? thanks!
I don't think you can go active with a Majik. The Majik can accept a tuner or kudos (multi-room module), but I don't it can accept an active card. If it can, you will still need at least one more amp.

The design of Linn's active system is one amp with active card drives the tweeters of both speakers and a second amp with active card drives the mid-ranges of the two speakers. You can add a third amp and third active card (for bass) to further separate the mid-ranges.

As far as install the active cards, I believe you would be best served if performed by a dealer to insure proper set up. I believe the cards can be tweaked to best suit your room. From the speaker side, if you go with the Ninkas, it is a simple switching around of the rear plug plates to make the active ready. If you have the Keilidhs, you have to remove one of the drivers to make an internal modification, best to be left to your dealer, IMO.

My 2cents? Start with an LK85 and Kolektor and build from there.

Hope this helps and good luck.