Goertz Sounding a bit lean

After replacing my Kimber Heroes I'm now becoming aware that the Goertz MicroPurl copper are a bit lean in comparison. I do prefer the Goertz middle through top but there's definitely a compromise. Anyone ever done a Goertz vs Nordost Red Dawn comparison? Or are there any other suggestions for ribbon-like cables that are fuller sounding?
Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cables are pretty well fleshed out. Very different from the IC's. I don't know about the others.
Get Silnote Morpheous or Morpheous reference. They are not ribbon like but provide a big full rich sound. I have used Goetz micropearl and speaker cables and they are on the lean side
I really like Goertz speaker wire but the one IC I tried was so so. The Hero is known for being warm.

I have not heard Red Dawn but why the interest in a ribbon cable?

I would try anything Gabriel Gold myself, their stuff is very musical and detailed without being thin or too warm.
moved from Goertz to Red Dawn speaker cable. if you think Goertz is lean, you DON'T wanna get the Red Dawn.
Thanks for the suggestions and confirmations. I'm looking at ribbon wire because I used a Lightspeed clone LDR preamp and those seem to like the ribbon ICs based on conversations with other owners. I definitely prefer the ribbon Goertz to the Hero, so I think the concept is right.
This weekend swapped one of the Goertz sets (preamp to amp) for the Red Dawn but left the Goertz between phono preamp and pre. Sounds MUCH better. Much fuller and the bass, while still a little thinner than the Hero, is certainly more tuneful. Was planning to buy a second set of Red Dawn but maybe I'll be fine without it. Cables really are just tone controls aren't they?
Hello Dhcod,

Although they can be used as tone controls in my experience they are not .. just .. tone controls and can actually make improvements to systems on a component level. The better and higher resolution of a system the more apparent the changes a cable is making will be.

They are tone controls if all they offer is wires. MIT cables deliver the music intact with exceptionally realistic tone, depth, imaging and balance. I had the Goertz on loan for evaluation back in the 90's when they started out (HarmTech sent me some of their stuff as well). The Goertz are completely dismal at conveying music in a natural way. You could pick up some UHF channels with them however:O)
I picked up a pair of Soundsilver Symettry and find the sound to be very lush, and organic sounding. These cables are a combination of gold and silver for the signal and solid core copper returns of the variety found in Speltz's Anti-cables. The price to performance ratio cannot be beat and Stewart at Soundsilver is absolutely great to work with. Really fine sounding cables and the best bang for the buck in my opinion.
Red Dawn was fine but also a bit thin so I've got two sets of Puritas Audio Museaus on the way to try out. People praise their balanced sound, so we'll see.
I am loving the PAD Museaus. Very balanced, top to bottom. Better bass than my old Kimber Hero and the same transparent sound as the ribbon cables that I've tried. Harder to run because they are fatter and less flexible, but I've made it work. They are worth the trouble.