Goertz Solid Silver RCA Chassis Jacks?

Anyone have personal experience with Goertz' solid silver chassis RCA jacks (AG2K)? I'm thinking about puting those on monobloc amps dedicated to mid's/hi's. Silver/copper/aluminum speaker cables. I may put them on the preamp output jacks, also. Thank you for your thoughts.
I have added Cardas silver RCA jacks. They work best if a small hole is drilled in the back of the ground for the wire in the connector. (as they do not have a solder hole for a wire on the ground.)
I have not had an opportunity to use the Goertz RCAs. but can say silver are very good in general for RCA's.
Be sure the opening in the equipment panel is the correct size for the jacks you purchase. If the hole is too small, drilling is usually very difficult with the component parts in the chassis.