Goertz or Grover?

Goertz Alpha Core MI-2 or Grover Huffman Speaker cables between my Belles MB-200 solid state amp and Montana XP (4 Ohm) speakers. I need about 7 feet. Which of these two similarly priced cables do you think will sound the best? Thanks.
I believe both companies offer return privileges, so you could buy both and see which you prefer.
I had the Goertz for a while MI2 Veracity and thought they were great with my Spendors initially. After living with them for about 6 months, the high end which I always thought was superlative, they began to "get on my nerves" a bit.
Very good bass response though.
The Spendors are a little laid back and I'm not familiar with our speakers but if they are forward in any sense and the bass is something you already like, the Goertz might not be the best choice.
I haven't heard the Grover Huffman....sorry.
Jambalaya, by "getting on your nerves" do you mean the highs were too much, or too little?

Don't use the Goertz cables without a Zobel network, which I believe can be purchased together with the cables. Without the network some amplifiers have been known to oscillate and self-destruct, due to the high capacitance of the cables.

-- Al
Highs were a little too much with the Goertz. If you are looking for some accurate cables that might take the highs down a bit you might try van den Hul D-352. Super bass, mellow highs even though they are silver coated.
I found the MI2 to have very beautiful midrange tone and realistic bass the highs were very open and maybe a bit forward but never got on my nerves like Jambalaya mentions

fwiw ymmv

have not heard Huffmans either
I've owned several pairs of goertz mi-1 and 2 and now use huffman. The comments about oscillation with goertz are correct. I had real problems with one amp.
That said, the huffman zx are superior across the board, in my experience. More transparent and dynamic, and with a smoother, better defined top end. YMMV, of course.