Goertz MI 2 bi wire problem

My Classe CA 100 is running hot after hooking up new cables. I have B&W 805ns and volume low not high. Any classe people with these cables or anyone with answers why.
I have the same cables and experience no problems with them. However, I know, from the Alpha Core website, that these cables could cause some solid state amps to oscillate at very high frequencies causing the amp to work hard and possibly heat up. The fix is easy; you can get a R?C link from them for free which will solve the problem by blocking the oscillation. This may help if you are sure the cable is causing the heat.
Alpha Core cables are excellent, but I've had problems with 2 different solid state amps using this cable. One amp went into full power oscillation at 70khz, and quickly got so hot that I burned my hand on the top of the amp when I went to investigate a "funny smell" (like a self cleaning oven at full temp). The amp survived; I've still got the "battle scar". Another amp would blow its fuses on turn-on when I tried to use AlphaCore cable with it. The R-C network solved the problem; it is 2 small resistors and a capacitor in series, which bridge across the speaker terminals. Alpha core cable construction is just like a capacitor unrolled, and some amps just can't handle the high capacitive load that it presents. Call Alpha Core, and they will send you the R-C networks free. You will need 1 per speaker (and 2 per speaker if biamping.)