Goertz foil cable better bass than Cat5?

I recently made a couple pair of speaker cables from a few of 12AWG/14AWG Goertz foil inductors I had laying around. The 14AWB is for the mid+tweeter and the 12AWG for the bass.

My previous calbles were made from Cat5 which I thought was OK. After replacing these with the foil cables, the bass seems to be either too neutral or slighly lean and slighly over-damped. So I am not sure which is better. It did take sometimes to get used to the sound of the foil cable.

The Cat5 was always musical if not the most detail. It offers more homogeneous soundstage with emphasis on the overall forest and not on individual trees. The foil cables because of its either neutral or slightly lean nature offers a more spot-light soundstage presentation.
Alpha-Core Goertz factory-manufactured speaker cable, such as the copper MI-2, sounds so very good that I suspect there is a failure of your inductor foil to approach the performance of their purpose-built foil speaker cable.
On the Alpha-Core website, the construction of the foil speaker cables does not appear identical to that of the foil inductors. Their is a similarity in that foil is flat, but what is used for surrounding the foil and terminating the foil affects the "sound" you hear.
The copper MI-2, MI-3, and even silver AG-1, all are capable of good, rich bass in the appropriate system contexts where I listened to them, including my own systems. Although I have migrated to even better speaker cables, these are still fine products.
I mention this, because it may be misleading to other Audiogon readers who have not heard the real thing, and neither are you hearing the real thing.