goertz cables

Anybody using these?i just bought a pair of their interconnects.Any opinions?
Well, since you're the one who just got a pair of them, I guess we would like to hear YOUR opinion. :)

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I use their speaker cables, haven't tried their interconnects.
I'm with Dusty on this one.I still can't grasp the concept of someone already having something(cables,speakers,amp,etc.) and then asking other peoples opinions about it.I guess I'm missing something here.
I like how their cables have a different flavor than most. As Viridian posted, either they work for you or they don't.
I thought the IC were so so but the MI2 Veracity speaker wire was among the best I have heard with beautiful tone and a terrific open quality.
Silver TQ2s - I heard microdynamic detail and quickness with a nice sense of flow. Open soundstage in all dimensions. Not quite as rich in timbre with more emphasis on the fundamental and initial attack than mid-tone harmonic development, but not harsh. Their MI2 Veracity speaker cable is in the value sweet spot.
i have not yet received them.do i not have the right to ask a question?

I grant you the right.

Of course you have the right, but as you can see not many people have owned them so you aren't getting a lot of help. On the other hand when you do get them you have an opportunity to help us by posting your thoughts. Design wise I think Alpha Core cables in general are good designs, but Dr. Gizmo aside, the speaker cables offer the most bang for the buck.
Excellent comment Clio09.After an extended all night listening session here is my humble opinion.If u look at my system u will see that i am using two different speakers as a stereo pair.Uncommon i know.But i always try to think outside the box.But i do have several reasons for this,that i have tried to briefly explain in my system post.The Goertz are the 1st silver ics i have tried.I found them extremely detailed and warm.no harshness even at extreme levels.the detail was life like.piano sounded as if in my room.Bass improved to the point of hearing every note struck never losing the trail from low to high and back.The speed of the musical attack is truly the best improvement.listening to the 1812 overture was a rapture experience.
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I once lent a friend a pair of Audio Note AN-V ICs and when he returned them weeks later he mentioned that they were a very good copper IC. I then told him they were silver and that surprised him. The Audio Note silver stuff is very smooth and musical as well.

enjoy your Goertz and give them a few weeks for a final determination....
You know i have tried to find a good buy in a Maggie.But to date they have eluded me.
I would not mind trying audio note.KNOW ANY ONE WHO CAN LEND ME A PAIR?
Here is my opinion of the Goertz cable tq-2.Cable adds a brighter sound stage without harshness,at any volume level.Stereo image improved,but the bass tightened up dramatically.over all depth is a little aggressive but clear as a bell.I plan on adding the micro pearl shortly.AN excellent silver cable without breaking the bank.
I used the Goertz Boas as my reference for a very long time. I am going back to them with my current speaker project. I have found them to be the most balanced and neutral of any cables I have used (and it's a long list). The only time I didn't like them when was I had issues with other components in my lineup. The Goertz will tell you where your shortcomings are.

I used the ICs a long time ago and never liked them. The problem was the connector that Goertz uses is crappy. Using a pure copper connector and some vibrational damping material like what Mojo Audio uses is transformative.

I highly recommend goertz even over some of the very high-dollar cables I have had in my system over the years. Ironically, interconnects no longer make a difference in my system and I couldn't be happier about that.
I have the Veracity speaker cables, which I found nearly an exact match for Nordost Valhalla cables, as did, from memory, HP back in TAS around issue 106 or somewheres around there. It took vinyl playback to differentiate the Nordost from the Divinity line he was evaluating.
I find them extremely airy, excellent at allowing the soundstage to sound truly 3D from front to back (this was a system based on the First Sound Presence Deluxe MK. II, Nola Elite Plus (alnico tweeter as well), Antique Sound Lab Hurricanes, Meridian 508.24 (an excellent player at the whole 3D presenatation itself), Valhalla speaker cable and interconnects and Shunyata power cords. It was quite a pure, low-in-distortion presentation, with dynamics from very good to excellent across the frequency ranges and, as I said, almost indistinguishable from Nordost (in this case, more the speaker cable than the interconnects, which were, nonethless, very close to Valhalla. I agree with the other poster who thought the plugs were not up to the rest of the cable, but I'm speculating). As I recall, the interconnects were just a bit less fluid-sounding than Valhalla, but nothing else major. In fact, I used Valhalla interconnects and Goertz speaker cable and didn't have a second thought about not using the Valhalla speaker cable.
Their micro purl interconnects are a great bang for the buck. As mentioned above, their termination could be better though.