Goertz and Vandesteen

any feedback on Goertz and Vandersteen Quatros in terms of bi wired speaker cable---? some folks are encouraging me to try this arrangement.

current other considerations are Cardas Golden Reference and Kimber Bi Focal- Considerably more dollars than Goertz--but, still want to hear--recognize we are talking a wide range here, which makes it all the more interesting.

Looking for feedback from people who can compare/contrast any or all---thanks--
It's not a direct comparison but I felt the Goertz were better with my maggies than the Cardas GR, but that was a few systems back. Goertz cable is relatively affordable which is also a plus. I actualy have a spare set that I've kept even though many other cables have come and gone. Maybe it's time for me to put them on the gon for someone like yourself to try/enjoy. Anyway the Goertz would be my choice.
I have Vandersteen 5A's which are kissing cousins to the quattros. I am using Anti-Cables after trying much of the high priced cables sold. Audiodquest silver cables (Everest and Sky) and Anti-Cables were the best...Cardas the worst.
I have Vandersteen 5A's which are kissing cousins to the quattros.

kissing cousins, eh? i love that phrase! ;-)
The Aural Thrills Zenith bi-wire SC beeing auctioned now on Agon will blow all comers away under at least a grand,I kid you not.