God I Miss My Quad ESL57s

It's been 2 years since we downsized to a smaller place. I had to get Harbeth C7s which are perfectly nice but they just don't move me they way the Quads did. I'm not sure anything stand-mounted can.

It's a real bummer.
get another pair....I did that 4 times in my audio life....same footprint(almost) as the C7 anyway...easier to hide as "space heaters"....
If you want a speaker that are close to Quads,you should get the Harbeth P3ESR or the Spendor 3/5. I had the C7 and thought the smaller P3 was so much better. The box disappears on the smaller speakers.
I have some Fritz Carbon 7 I am thinking of selling.
I've tried both the P3ESR and Fritz and in my space, which sadly won't work with Quads no matter what I do because it's sort of one open room with a room divider. For me, those smaller speakers weren't even close to the C7s nearfield. The second best stand mount I tried were the Audience Clareaudient 2+2. I preferred the tonal reproduction of the C7s over the dynamism and sound staging of the Audience.