God doesn't need to know what time it is.

Value of anything is a most fascinating subject to me.

Eric Clapton hasn't owned this  Rolex Daytona for nearly 20 years. It 's probably been in storage since he dumped it and is expected to fetch north of $1.6M?

For that much I'd want his playing ability AND his stereo system.




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@secretguy + 1  Though I wouldn't say Clapton can't play - he obviously can and has done so for decades - he just doesn't play anything I'd care to listen to! 

He's a hack. Any actual, trained musician would agree.

«God is the clock in your heart and  the clock maker himself but  you can throw the 2 hands of the clock at whichever time   you want to be...» Anonymus widow  of a watchmaker 

bdp24--I owned an original ’65 Deluxe Reverb for 20 years and never understood why everyone else thought it was the desert island amp (and just where do you find electricity on a desert island?). I later found that what I really wanted was a Vibrolux Reverb. Different strokes, I suppose.

I lost my last watch years ago and never replaced it.

secretguy, I am an actual trained musician and I think the stuff EC did from Mayall through Blind Faith is outstanding.  Love the studio solos with Cream.






I thought this was going to be a thread about the use or non use of master clocks for dacs, etc.  

I don’t even wear a watch.  A friend gave me some very good copies of expensive watches.  She thought it might be a nice accessory, as I was on the dating scene a number of years ago, but always forgot to wear them.  I did buy a super expensive bottle of Creed men’s cologne that was quite helpful.  

@jrpnde: Gordon Lightfoot's Bobby McGee is my favorite version of that song. Good recording, too.

In 1973 I was visiting the newly-opened Audio Arts in Livermore California on the very day Bill Johnson was delivering and installing his complete ARC system (Thorens TD-125 table, ARC's pro-type arm which never made it into production, Decca Blue cartridge, SP-3 pre-amp, Magneplanar Tympani T-I loudspeakers bi-amped with D51 and D75 amps. The sound blew my young mind. Later in the year that system was in my house ;-) in the shop's listening room. AA proprietor Walter Davies played that very track, and Johnson remarked on the good sq of the recording. I bought a copy of the album (If You Could Read My Mind), when I got back to San Jose, and still have it.

Ry Cooder is a guitarist's guitarist. Good taste is (heh) timeless.