go where after vandersteen 2ce

i bout a pr of technics sb-cr77 3 way at a yard sale. just out of curiosity i hooked them up vs my 2ce's, and in many ways they sounded better. they were louder, the hghs were clearer, the base was deeper in most music. i couldnt believe my ears. my wife listened and she said it sounded like the vandy's were on mute or diff volume or something was covering them. i do have sound comming out of the tweeter- so the speaker seems to be working fine I've never had a prob with them. cj is the power. im just dumfounded. in my mind the vandies are out. heeelllpp!!
try them for two weeks and then go back

let us know how it goes

you may be surprised
I am not trying to be a snob but I find it hard to believe the Vandy was beat by those speakers, hell what do I know but I imagine something must be off with the Vandys.
chadnliz, if nothing appears to be sonically wrong with the vandys, can something still be wrong? just curious. dont know much about speakers. thanks bryon84. i did open up the box and the box was emty(about 20 lbs)and the wires going to the ind. speakers were about the size of yo yo string, so i wonder if i put insulation in them and good speaker wire in them how much better they would sound. the rock( radio) did sound a little hollow. but classical was almost identical(stravinsky). gerswin(sorry if i butchered the names) was much better in the technics.
I too believe the Vandy KO is unlikely. The new speakers likely have a spike that at first seems like fidelity and in time you will hear it as artifact. First impressions are often misleading. Your amp may just not be up to the task for the 2CE. They do very well with Quicksilver amps, preferably at least 60wpc, 90-120 if possible. They do need some power to stand up and bark, or they will sound dark, muted, and lifeless. CJ amps seem to be a bit dark in my opinion, perhaps too much of a similar flavor there. For SS amps, the PSE IV, or V monos are great with the 2CE. There are may others which will work with that speaker. I think the new speaker is likely more efficent and sounds louder for that reason. Check the sensitivity of the new speaker. Do not make decisions too quickly, evaluation takes time....Jallen
There are potentiometers on the back of the Vandys (mids/tweets).Maybe it's time to readjust these.
The Vandersteens do not do well next to a wall on the side or behind. They should be at least 2-3' from the side and back wall. They must be spiked to the floor, balanced, and adjusted on the back. The dials just adjust the height of the drivers to more accurately tune it to the room. I like AQ cable for them or silver. The AQ midnight or Type 4 do well also. I believe they were voiced with AQ cable. Best wishes, Jallen
right now i am using mf2100, do i do another 2100 or up to a 2500 move on? along with the cable( i asume speaker cable). i put the potentiometers to 3 only slight diff.thanks for all input bryon 84
Start with the AQ cables and biwire
and let us know.
Also make sure as Jallen mentioned you read the manual,
attain proper tilt back and side to side level.
Make sure stands are filled,try and bring em into the room 1/7th 0r 1/5thmeasured from the center of speaker
to the wall behind speakers.
Cheers John
I would take the previous advice and not make a snap judgement in the short time. I'd listen to the new speaks for at least a week, maybe 2. Throw all your favorite and best known music at them and see if you still feel this way in a while. Synergy may just be stronger with the tehcnics but the quality of the sound will reveal itself with the recordings you know and enjoy the most.
im not sure what aq wires are? right now my interconnects are cardas crosslink, and gemini supercable for speakers. the vandys are bi wired. i have thought about changing speaker wire. any one know what ss amps(watts) work best(a bassy amp but not sloppy,my wife says i need a sub) with the 2ce, right now i got 100w the rec no more than 125w.
thanks too all bryon
Wow I am a big vandy fan when I had the 2ce I found the 2wq sub made a big difference on the lowes and highs. I aggree with Jallen up above make sure they are set up right. Other speaker will be brighter and more boomey some people like that but the traid off is they hury your ears if you listen all day and they hide detail. It's like looking at tv's at the local best buy you see them all on the wall and the one with the most pushed colors and contrast looks best. But at waht cost. It depends if you are looking for accuacry or brightness. Vandersteen is a little onthe laid back side but every detail of the music comes through.
Bryon84,My friend drives his with a McCormick DNA-1.Not sure about the AQ suggestion.Think a "fast" cable might be helpful (silver??),
i had that similar experience with my vanderstein 3a's they sounded nice but when i purchased the jbl 250ti, the speakers walked all over the vandersteins, both imaging, power handling and dynamics...that was my experience. but for the technics to sound better...thats weird, perhaps you should check your amps, maybe they dont have the power. how much power does the cj put out?