PATS 31-RAMS 20!

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     If my team isn't playing, I just root for a good game.

    But that was the worst Super Bowl game I've ever seen.  I didn't care who won and it looked like the Rams didn't either.
   Just an awful, painful game to watch.

Go Bears!

     I actually fell asleep during Sunday's Super Bowl.  I had a dream the Pats were playing the '85 Bears instead of the Rams. 
    Wilbur Marshall came charging up the middle on a blitz and literally snapped Brady in half.  It was spectacular with a loud 'CRACK!' initiating the unbelievable carnage.  But there was no head to head contact so no flag.
     Apparently, the loud crack was the sound of Brady's spine snapping in half. This caused immediate total body paralysis and he coughed up the pigskin. Marshall scooped it up and ran the 20 yards to the end zone as snow started falling in the closed roof stadium just as time ran out in the first half.  Bears went for 2 and got it, halftime score: Bears 113, Patriots 0.
     The CBS producers quickly changed the halftime show to be Brady's funeral.  Bill Belichick had everyone crying with his highly emotional eulogy that ended with "We're on to Cincinnati,  Oops, I mean we're on to the 2nd half".  I'm still misty eyed.
    Robert Kraft had his taxedermist, who embalmed and stuffed his late and beloved pet pink poodle Gronk, do the the same for Brady.  
     To everyone's relief, he stated Brady wouldn't be placed on display in his den like poor old Gronk.  Instead, he announced Brady would be installed as the centerpiece of his future amusement park near Foxborough that'll be named Goatland.

Huh, a satirical dream that I enjoyed more than the game,