Go buy Paul Simon's "1 trick pony"

I want everyone to go find a clean copy of this very good album. What you will get is a great, underrated album that couples excellent music and exceptional recording engineering. The live cuts are some of the best live rock recordings available.

I wish this one would be released in high quality vinyl.

Comments welcomed!
Thanks for the tip. I wonder if it's available on cassette...hmmmm
Agreed. This and "Hearts and Bones" are essential for Paul Simon fans and often over-looked.
Ebay does have a couple of cassettes posted. If NOS they might make for a great transfer.......but the vinyl sounds really good.
That is one I have been meaning to add for awhile.
Thanks for the recommendation, got it for only $ 2.89 on Amazon, there were plenty more for very little $.

Good listening

What 77jovian said.

FWIW - I recall liking the movie very much.
Got my LP on amazon "near mint" for $7 incl shipping. Thanks Raymonda- Jet
..just won the bid on E-Bay. I'm sure I'll like it. Thanks
There is a music section. HELLO!!!!
Yes.....but this is specifically about the vinyl "analog" version of the album.
Definitely a great sounding LP. Was quite a nice surprise, after picking it up used last year.
I bought the original LP back in 1980 when it was first released, after really loving the movie. Produced by Phil Ramone, with great musicians ---
The record features several top session musicians (who also appeared in the movie as the character Jonah's backing band), including Eric Gale on lead guitar, Richard Tee on piano, Tony Levin on bass, and Steve Gadd on drums.
One of Paul Simon's best efforts !