Go analog or upgrade digital

I have put my system together with the plan of adding a turntable and an audiophile computer based source eventually. I am about ready to audition turntables and can muster about 5K for an analog setup, have had my eye on the WTL Amadeus. My system components Ayon CD2, Shindo Auriegis MM, Genesis M60 monoblocs, Genesis 7.1c speakers and S4/8 sub.
Some reviews and posts have opined that very good digital AyonCD2 or high end the CD5 compares very well with analog. With my system and budget of 5K for a complete analog set up do you think I will be able to obtain better sound than the CD2? Another option sell the CD2 and the Shindo and purchase an Ayon CD5
and forgo analog. ( I think my head is going to explode)
I have been in this hobby for over thirty years and like so many other 'audiophiles' I jumped on the 'Perfect Sound Forever' bandwagon back in the 1980's and stayed out of vinyl for many, many years. What a mistake!!! About three years ago I purchased a VPI Scout Table along with a Dynavector 20-xl cartridge to use with the phono in my Hovland HP-100 pre; what a revelation!!! From the instant the diamond hit the vinyl I knew exactly what I had been missing-out on for the last 20 years or so. Do yourself a favor and give vinyl a try. For $5k you should be able to assemble a top-notch vinyl rig that will surely please you.

The Amadeus is great table and a very good start. You could also check-out many of the used analog products listed here on Audiogon and find some sweet deals on very good used gear.
starting a record collction is exciting, heartbreaking, and expensive...and that's just 'starting'. unless you've already got a vinyl collection and/or are prepared to spend lots of bread, and then question your sanity on a daily basis, don't do it.
There is a nice used EAR 834P Deluxe for sale on Audiogon... Probably a very, very, good phono for the money...
I am with Jaybo. Media is expensive. 5k could get you going in either depending upon what you have and where you want to go. I put it into a good DAC and server though, not a CD player. IMO of course...
The CD-2 does have a digital in and very good DAC. When I listened to the FIM recordings, Getz/Gilberto and Oscar Peterson (We Get Requests) My jaw dropped. If this is what a decent vinyl rig sounds like......
My other well recorded discs sound great and I keep reading how the CD-5 is in a different league........
I think you may want to buy used vinyl gears and get some decent recordings to try out. If you like vinyl sound, then think about upgrade and other better analog components. If not, you can always get rid of them via Audiogon. Although expensive, most of the 45 rpm reissues by Acoustic Sounds are awesome. I am a die-hard vinyl guy and only have a Rotel CD player that is 20 years old.
That may be a good option. I may buy an Acoustic Sounds reissue. I can probably get an older Linn TT over for an evening and have a listen, a little more information to help make a choice. Although there are so many variables it seems when I read about TT setups.
The difference between the CD-2 and my older Rotel and Onix/Music Hall CDP's
is striking.
Ok, I'll venture into uncharted waters...

Get some 5K turntable that you like...maybe a used Brinkman, if such a thing exists? (Brinkman makes some great turntables) Then, hook up a computer, any computer, to your main system. That way, you can get digital that has the essence of the music...YouTube. There are so many stellar performances there that it is mind boggling. It's not high-end, but ask yourself, are you into equipment, or music?

Me? I'm in love with the nuances of cutting edge equipment, but I would give it all up if I couldn't experience the passion of a live performance. At times, YouTube gives us that better than anything else.

Saskia Turntables
Jazzybs, I did the later "upgraded my digital" and have been doing this for the last 5 years to the point I'm done. I wish I would have exsperienced what I have back then but at the same time it has been fun and educational. If I only knew what I know now, "I prefer vinyl", I'm hooked!

What some have said above is true, vinyl can be exspensive because if you are like me and starting from nothing once you have gotten the "bug" and heard a proper set-up in your own place well you are will most likely be hooked too.

No way does my over 40k worth of digital set-up even come close to my 25k worth of analog set-up, hope you have some money socked away because you will be spending lots on getting new albums like I have. I went from a few months ago only owning 6 albums to now over 150, which is hardly nothing compared to others but listening to these pces is so exciting and has left me in awe.

So relaxing, natural sounding, my speakers have never heard such, the whole sonic spectrum, I have never heard the highs, midrange or bass like I'm hearing them now in my set-up, I always thought digital was a better performer specifically in the bass region and top end etc., no way!not in my set-up currently.

It really helps if you have someone exspearienced for set-up and to guide you along the proper path.

Wanna buy some top notch digital pces at 50% off list? MBL 1621a transport, Acustic Arts Tube Dac and that will end your search for digital.
Are you willing to work for great sound from vinyl? It isn't a "chore", but it does require more attention than digital to keep things sounding great.
If your budget is $5K, be prepared to spend more than you expect to spend.

That's how vinyl plays out for most folks.
Thanks for all the input.
Dev- Reading your perspective has helped lessen the angst about taking the plunge

Dan_ed , Audiofel, One part of this hobby I enjoy is the applied physics that is learned and atttention to detail that can make a difference. Financially I hope that with my budget I can be satisfied for awhile with my setup and upgrade at a slow sane pace.I have dropped a fair amount this year, and would like to control audio induced OCD.
Your points are well taken.

Win I will do that, I have a good desktop system Cain&Cain and checked out some YouTube of Bill Evans and Art Tatum I will try it on the main system also.
Second that. Also, be prepared to spend more than you thought you would have to for well recorded, nicely pressed vinyl. In my opinion, vinyl is well worth the effort,both sonically, and in terms of the satisfaction it can bring you in other ways.
I think it basically comes down to how big a vinyl collection one has and if he/she enjoys the music in that collection. Vinyl is a big commitment and expense to do well, though it's rewards can be great. If I had a good and large LP collection, I would go analog and not upgrade my digital. If I had no LPs, I would go hi-rez digital and save the money and hassle of vinyl.