GNSC matinence

Hi Goners!

I was wondering about those of you with older GNSC Wadia 861se et al units that may need service..Where and who would you trust to repair/inspect the lens,internals etc...?

Thanks ahead of time for ALL feedback but i would ESPECIALLY like to hear from the owners of this piece.


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Along with McIntosh and Audio Research, Wadia is now part of the Fine Sounds Group. For Wadia service, call Audio Research in MN for further direction. They may be a service center for Wadia now. GNSC was also located here in the Twin Cities area. I have had my 861SE over to GNSC several times over the years for all of Steve's upgrades. He used to do work for ARC and he also did mods on ARC gear, new Wadia gear and, of course, pre-owned Wadia.
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