GNSC is no longer.

I had sent Steve an email on Jan.13th and never got a response.
Now i know why.

To all GNSC customers (I was certainly one of them and probably his biggest fan), GNSC and most particularly its owner and technical guru Steve Huntley will be dearly missed. One of those very few genuine and honest type of guy in the audio industry. Steve was top shelf just like the Bodinet at Sota.

I can only wish you all the best my friend...... wherever you are.
From Resolution Audio's Website


Steve Huntley joins Resolution Audio as Sales and Marketing Director
Resolution Audio is very pleased to announce that Steve Huntley has joined us as Sales and Marketing Director.

Steve has contributed to the high-end audio industry for almost 25 years in his work at Audio Research Corporation, California Audio Labs, Wadia Digital, and currently as president and founder of Great Northern Sound Company. Steve's love of music, thorough knowledge of audio electronics, long experience in the audio business, and well-known respect and passion for Resolution Audio products make Steve a great addition.

Steve will contribute to Resolution Audio day to day operations in many ways especially in customer support and in developing our dealer/distributor network. We welcome Steve as he opens new possibilities for Resolution Audio while maintaining his long-established business, Great Northern Sound Company.

There was a forum thread on here not to long ago about this. I lppked, but couldn't find it. I think he went to Response Audio Labs or something similar.
Sad to hear that another one is gone. Boy this economy is a killer...
At least he left you a possible avenue for repairs.
I believe he went to work for Resolution Audio.
Sad news. Hopefully Steve have a new home there.