gnp valkyrie

does anyone have any info or literature on these speakers
i seem to pick out snippets of info on the web
but some of this seems to contradict.
who designed them?
was it bill gross or brooks berdan?
any information would be greatly appreciated
uk tel
Call Brooks at 626-359-9131. He can answer your questions.
Wagner. They will definitely take you for an audio ride.
am already on an audio ride
but why?
have used a pair for over 3 years
but speakers seem as if they dont exist
they certainly seem to exist in my living room
many thanks
i was there when they were being developed. feel free to contact me.

p.s. i had tons of old literature on all of the old GNP lines when i worked there in the 80s. i gave it all to brooks. it would not hurt to ask the people at GNP about the speakers either. 626 577 7767. they also have spare parts.
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