Finally, I told myself...I'm going to get CD storage units that fit the 1000+ CDs that I have spread out in several rooms.  The GNEDBY from Ikea seemed like the right solution. I have been trying to place and order for them for a couple of weeks but they're always out of stock.  So...I decided to contact Ikea via Facebook Messenger.  Here is their response:

"Unfortunately, our GNEDBY shelf unit (402.771.43) is being discontinued and no longer in stock in our online warehouse. We're unable to guarantee there will be future availability, however you're welcome to reach back out here in 2-3 weeks for any updates."

Crushed... Any suggestions from the community for anything similar to the GNEDBY in terms of style and functionality? 
A bit more expensive, I believe, but I have three Wood Shed dowel units (they make other types as well) that are nicely made, look similar to the units you mention and have served me well.  Come in many sizes.  Got mine from Wayfair almost 7 years ago, but I believe they're still made.
I just installed a 12 cubby "Kallax" unit from Ikea. I did some math and determined it can hold 768 CDs using only one side (freestanding, it can theoretically hold twice that (1536) but weight would be an issue). Each cubby can hold about 64 discs comfortably (bottom row: 32 standard redbook CDs in cases. Top row: 32 same. Rows are separated by thin sturdy planks (of whatever -wood? plastic?). Each cubby is rated for (I believe) 29 pounds. Total CD weight is about 16 pounds (4 oz ea.). Since the storage unit most likely will be against a wall, only half of its capacity would be readily accessible. My cabinet cost around $90. The Kallax line has other capacities (3, 6, 8, 12 cubby holes).
 Who would have thought storing CDs would be such a hassle especially compared to LPs?
John Darko has introduced a new way to categorize audio gear, whether it is "Kallax-Fi" compatible, equipment that will fit into IKEA's Kallax shelving.

Goethe, My solution to the problem was a Mac Mini a 6 TB hard drive, and Channel D's Pure Music program (it up samples everything)
Then I took all those CDs and traded them in for store credit with which I bought a bunch of new records. My wife was thrilled.
dweller and sfar - thanks for your thoughts on Kallax.  I'm very pleased with the Kallax unit for my LPs - it's what led me to looking at other Ikea products for my CDs.

Given his post several years ago about the Kallex replacing an older product, maybe John Darko can sniff out Ikea's plans to replace GNEDBY...

I store CD's "standing label edge up" in the shallow drawers of an old Tansu cabinet.

This way they are out of sight, plus the labels are easier to read.

I owned the chest prior to owning CD's, but typical new or antique shallow drawer chests are typically called lingerie chests/cabinets.

The drawers in the Tansu are 6" deep.

Some old medical chests would also work, but they have become rather pricey.

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    My solution was a Lumin D2 dac/streamer with a 20 TB Synology hard drive and an iPad as a controller. Everything communicates with each other via my wi-fi and the included Lumin software and GUI are actually quite good. It has Tidal streaming incorporated into it accessible via icon(which of course,requires the standard Tidal subscription and monthly charge), has all the album art and mega data of my former JRiver software that I find it very similar to but even more intuitive to use.  
    I currently have about 3,000 cds and several hundred hi-res music album files ranging from FLAC to WAV format and 24 bit/96KHz up to DSD-wide sampling frequencies stored on my hard drive.  I'm really enjoying this source content method. It's dead quiet, very low distortion, accurate, highly detailed from top to bottom, powerful, dynamic and just as awesome as most individual's would imagine that a small, full color, stable, reliable, virtually maintenance free, quick, ultra convenient and handheld, wireless high fidelity jukebox could be,would be and actually is.
     I still need to sell or trade in all my cds.

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Innuos Streamers are another great choice to store all your CDs digitally. Doesn't have a built ins DAC if you don't need one.  Roon compatible.  About same price as Lumin
Look into Jewel Sleeves!  They can store CD;s, with their artwork in a fraction of the space.  You can even order nice cabinetry to store them in.