GMT Europa vs. Quad 12 L2 vs. Totem Rainmaker

I'm interested to hear some opinions on this roundup.

Since I can't preview most of these speakers within a reasonable driving distance, these reviews are all I have to go off of.

I also wanted to throw Spendor S3/5 into the mix...
I think this will make a great combo HT system.
>I think this will make a great combo HT system.<

"This" meaning what?......

"This" meaning what?......

7.1 system requires 6 speakers so the "roudup" will work great.
I'm not familiar with the Rainmaker, though I owned Totem Sttafs for 2 years and then upgraded them to Mani-2s. When I owned the Sttafs, I also had a pair of GMA Europas, I played them a/b in the same room so became familiar with them. Both are excellent for the $, but I prefer the Sttafs by a wide margin. I'm not sure what this says about the Rainmaker though.

If you search the archives on "Europa" there should be more comment from my impressions of the two. There is a great deal of user comments on the Europa.

One other comment, I'm not sure why you're focused strictly on stand mounts, but you may want to consider some compact floor standers. By the time you add a decent stand, the footprint of the Rainmakers/Europas, etc is as large or larger than the Sttafs (and others similar). The cost also equalizes . . .

I know nothing about the Quad or Spendor.
stretch a bit for a totem one.