GMA Europas vs Platinum Solos

My listening room is small to medium size(15x12x10). I listen to mainly rock and classical. Electronics are SS, amp is 120w/ch. The price for the speakers is close to identical(about$850).

I would gladly welcome any opinions, thoughts, insights.

Thank you very much.
Haven't heard the Solo's, but the GMA Europa is one damn fine speaker. It's strengths are first order x-over done right, amazingly realistic voice range, good bass for it's size, time/phase aligned, and all the imaging comments pointed out by many others. But the big one for me at least is the ability to make recordings that other speakers sound horrible on.......somehow sound good. Whats it worth to be able to listen to, and enjoy all your recordings? Music should be enjoyable.
Compare them if possible, but the Europa is one very good speaker. Hope that helps.
I had the Platinum Audio Solo's for about a year. They were in a small room - 15x15x8. They produced the deepest bass (down to 26 hz), and the widest and deepest image I have ever experienced in my home. They are ruthlessly revealing, however, and they will lay bare any fault of source or associated equipment.

An integral part of the platinum audio solo is the stand, to which the speakers are attached with screws. The spikes for the stand are easy to use and adjustable from the top of the stand. If the stands aren't included, forget it.

I would also caution that the platinum is not only out of production, but more importantly the company is defunct. Spare parts or drivers will be hard to come by.

A better used speaker to consider would be martin-logan aerius or Thiel cs 1.5 or 2.2. My advice is to pass on the Platinum's.