GMA Europas v. Spendor S3/5 v. Spendor S6

Anyone with experience back to back on the Green Mountain Audio Europas vs. the Spendors? (Either the Spendor S3/5s or the S6s?) I'm looking at both of these and can either go floorstanding or monitor. I have a SS with plenty of power to run these speakers. For my second system. Also curious about feedback on the Spendor 3/5 vs. the Spendor S6.
If you're interested in imaging and the speakers' ability to make it sound like the musicians are in your room then I'd say throw out the spendors. The S3/5 have an inoffensive sound, but my ancient Spica Angelus made the s3/5 sound distinctly lo-fi ... not the result I was expecting prior to the demo. I used my densen b100 to demo the spendors so the same amp was driving the spicas and spendors. It wouldn't surprise me at all if a used pair of TC-50s beat the s3/5s.

According to their owners (I've never heard them personally) GMA Europas out-spica the spicas in their imaging and realism, so I'd say they are definitely worth a demo.