GMA europa, Where to audition

Hello everyone hope everythings going well.

Well I am thinking of switching gears (not for a few months) so want to start auditioning some. Right now I am sticking with Epos/Spendor/Reynaud which I know I can audition quite easily in the NYC area. The one I am dying to hear though are the GMA Europa. Can't seem to find a place to give a listen.
Main reason I am thinking of switching from my Totem rainmakers is that after living with them for about 2 months it's just not doing it for me. Don't know how better to say it . They were exciting when I first listened but it doesn't seem to fit my room. Wonder if anyone else has had the same impression.
Anyways if anyone knows where I can audition the Europas that would be great or maybe some veerrry nice audiogoner in the city who has them can help me out.

A look at the GMA website brought up a dealer page, may be a good place to start...

Would Landes Audio in Chester, NJ work?
what do you expect to gain from a speaker change? what kind of gear are you using with them? ive gotta ask this, because as good as the europa is, its not going to perform like a rainmaker. the epos won't come close either. you can find a better speaker in spendo or green mountain's upper reange, but for the money even that is a lot for a little. good luck
i believe that the GMA Europa is now sold only factory direct, but you should check with Lee Landes. So pre buy audtioning is going to be real tough, if not impossible, unless you are directed to a GMA Europa owner in your area.

I bought the GMA Callistos and haven't looked back. Landes has the Callistos. Perhaps you can arrange something with him.
what exactly do you find lacking in your Rainmakers now? I had Europas and Totem Sttafs side by side for a while - and although I'm not sure how similar the Rainmaker is to Sttaf, I suspect they're closer to the Sttaf than to the Europas. I still prefer the Sttaf to the Europa, although the Europa has interesting qualities (that are well documented in the archives), and are a great speaker.
I live in Manhattan and have the Europas. Let me know if you'd like to come by at some point for a listen. I can be reached at
Thank you for your offer to give Daimbert an auditon, Douglas. My thanks to our other supporters who have responded.

Yes, the Europa model is sold factory-direct only, and we offer a trial period. My preference is always to speak with the potential customer first, to learn something about the listening room and equipment. I feel I can then give some useful guidance on what should be heard from them.

The Europas usually perform to spec regardless of the gear, unless the room is quite large and/or very reverberant. From experience, I would expect them to sound quite a bit better than the speakers Daimbert has been using, unless there is something very unusual about his room.

Daimbert, thank you for your interest! Feel free to contact us anytime. I'd be happy go over the trial-period information with you, or answer any other questions.

Best regards,
Roy Johnson
Green Mountain Audio