GMA - Europa, Europa Max, and Callisto?

Hi. I spoke with Roy and GMA this evening, as I wind down my search for a pair of monitors. Roy is one of the few people that I have met where I found myself taking copious notes of everything he said. What I intended to be a 5 minute conversation, quickly became 30 minutes.

Anyhow, I am curious if anybody has had any listening experience comparing the Europa, the new Europa Max, and the Callisto?

What differences did you note when you contrasted the speakers? Are the improvements that you see at difference price points worthwhile? Or, is it a diminishing returns game? Thanks for your thoughts.
I own the Callisto and I have never turned back. I have heard the Europa and the Callisto is a more refined speaker with the bottom port and new design. I marvel at the sound stage and the detail I hear with the Callisto. Green Mountain truely cares about the music. I have not heard the Europa Max, but call Roy. You can set up a demo in your home and make up your own mind. I know I would not send my Callisto's back. Good luck.........
I listened to the Callistos at CES. Very impressive.