GMA Europa discontinued?

I've tried emailing the address provided on the GMA site with no response and now one of the ads for the GMA Europa says this speaker is discontinued. Although it is well below the price range I was looking at, I was considering picking up a pair to try in my computer room. Has it really been discontinued? Anyone know the story behind this?
I beleive that a new edition of the Europa is being introduced. Maybe your seller kinda stretched it a bit to create interest. Roy will get back to you I have no doubt.
Dear Sonance,
After 2.5 years of Europa I production, we are indeed introducing a new version. Soon.

My apologies for being away from email the last few weeks- the workload has been enormous gearing up the workshops for this new model, and we will reply to all very shortly with more about the Europa II. The new model I can say incorporates much of the breakthrough math used for our Continuum 3, and since this is not a forum for marketing...

Our email address does indeed work, so I'm sure we have your inquiry on file, and it will be answered in a few more days. Many dealers still have stock of the Europa I (some advertise here)- you'd need to check with them to find out more on any sale prices.

Thanks very much for your interest!

Best regards,
Roy Johnson
President/Product Designer
Green Mountain Audio
Hopefully the performance will still be there at the great price!

Gotta love GMA though. How often do you post a question in the forums and have the guy who deisgned/engineered the thing reply? That speaks volumes of the company in my mind.
ROy...when will the new Europa be introduced?
Ship at mid-month (August)

Sonance, I'm currently getting a pair. Did you try to contact JM sound in the classifieds ? Joe's a good guy from who I have bought gear in the past.
Joe had one pair left as of Monday.
Gee Roy, just great! Now I am gonna feel the need to upgrade my originals. LOL
Why does it speak volumes of the company, it sounds like he knows his target audience and how to create hype a great marketing person.

Some people are never pleased
Abruce....why? Try this: Post a question here concerning your speaker brand/model and see if the companies chief designer (or anyone from the company) personally answers it in this forum. Then maybe you'll understand. Rare in this day and age to find a manufacturer that cares about customer satisfaction more than profits. One that takes the time to share his/her knowledge with the rest of us.
a manufacturer that cares about customer satisfaction more than profits

Surely you mean that, for GMA, the path to profits is through customer satisfaction (which is laudable, rare these days and refreshing on the rare occasions when someone DOES bend over backwards for the customer)?
Surely we're not taxing Mr Johnson with being a bad businessman :)
Songwriter, if GMA equaled B&W (just an example) in sales, perhaps Roy wouldn't be responding threads here in Audiogon. BTW, he doesn't have time to reply emails due to his enormous workload, but he indeed has time to visit Audiogon and find this thread and post the detailed explanation above (maybe because he felt exposed in front of many people?). If I were him, I'd spend the "free time" responding to those emails rather than visiting Audiogon.
Abruce & nathangor... instead of speculating on Roy's intentions, marketing motives or the like I would encourage you to give Roy a call and talk to him personally. I've spoken to Roy several times on the phone, the first time when he called me after I sent him an inquiring email. Roy is one of the good guys in this industry and I challenge you to find someone more willing to discuss his design philosophy, the industry and music in general. This man is truly passionate about what he does and more importantly he knows what the hell he's doing. Roy's designs are rooted in math and science as well as years of experience in the music recording industry. He can tell you more about microphone set-ups than you'll ever want to know.

Put yourself in his position and try to see if this makes sense. You are busting your rump trying to fulfill orders and a customer or friend calls and tells you someone on Audiogon is wondering whether your product has been discontinued. Do you spend 3 hours answering individual emails or take 5 minutes to write a blanket response to the entire market on Audiogon? Now which makes more sense to you?

Man, we live in a very cynical world these days!
Dawgbyte, it wouldn't take 3 hours but the same 5 minutes to write the blanket response to all people who emailed, that is, in just one email. I'm not sure if all of them will ever see this thread. Some of them might not even know about Audiogon. If you were one of these persons (that don't know about this forum), wouldn't you be disappointed for not receiving any kind of response?
Nathan, this is your first post in Audiogon, as far as I can tell. Are the rest of your posts going to be sniping, or do you plan to contribute something ?

Roy spent 10-15 minutes discussing Europas, music, my amp, my listening room, the height of my chair etc last week. I have yet to hear his speakers, but I've got to be thankful for a guy who's not only willing, but happy to do that for a potential customer of his entry-level product.

Can you tell us in advance the specs of the new Europa? Is it going to be more efficient than the original? What will be the minimum power requirement? Thank you for making true high end sound affordable for us audiopaupers!

Nathan, i gotta agree with Songwriter here 100%. Im not sure why you are so skeptical about an audio company who displays such concern in helping thier customers and ensuring they are satisified with thier product. Roy does not only answer to people who have bought his speakers either.
If you are more comfortable calling a larger company and talking to some "Tech support" guy who probably knows less about the gear than yer average audiophile, then feel free to go with them.

It never ceases to amaze me when someone as busy as roy takes his time to help customers and possible customers. Roy is the guy who engineered the product! And here we have several people who just can not accept a good thing at face value.

So, Nathan, if you win 100,000 bucks, it sure seems like yer the type of guy who would complain about the taxes instead of being happy for a fat chunk of change.

Also, messing around in audiogon might be something he does for pleasure instead of work, and a real quick post here and there to answer questions about his product is a good thing, i dont care what others think.
Sorry you guys took what I said about Roy in a negative way, that was not my intention. I too have talked to Roy on the phone and I've heard his speakers
Abruce, I guess I took it in a negative way because it was negative :-)
OOOOHhhhhhhhhh.... SNAP!

Just an update...

Seems like things have taken a turn of events. I just got off the phone with Green Mountain's new CEO. She said Roy has decided to pursue a completely new speaker, priced between the Europa and the 1.5i. made out of marble, black, supposed to be really svelt looking, and to quote "500% better" than the Europa. $2195 price, initial offering price $1795 until September, called the Callisto, after a moon that orbits Jupiter.

I am waiting on the spec's to be emailed to me. Rear ported design.

Roy, hope I am not giving anything away!


I forgot. I have no relationship to Green Mountain, just a current owner of the Europa. I have actually been on the upgrade kick and thought it a good idea to see what was going on at GM before I decided.

Does that make the Europa an "instant classic"?
So the Europa will continue to be produced then.

I hope so, as I own this speaker and have not heard anything that can touch it for under $1500. The virtual absence of the typical "boxy" sound of wood enclosed speakers really let these speakers disappear in the soundstage.
This is great news about the new design. If Roy designs a speaker that is a little more than twice the price of the Europas, but is just 25% better than the Europas, there is going to be some really happy people. But 500%? I'm sure it was just a figure of speach to emphasize how much better the new design is than the Europa. Either way, its something I'm excited about. So is the new design going to be a floorstander or a monitor?
What's going on at GMA? I would really like to Know.
The "new CEO" part is what makes me nervous.

Well said.


Don't worry. Apparently, there is new staff and Roy is still the boss. Just wait for their annoucement.
My local GMA dealer in Ohio believed so much in Roy and his products that he left his business and moved to Colorado to work for Roy. I know this guy is very high on what will be comming out of GMA in the future. I believe we are seeing the changes that a business goes through as it moves through the stages of growth. I have no affiliation or inside scoop, just a fan of the product.
Two words of of advise from a customer Roy. Make your speakers more visually appealing and don't abandon the sub $1000 market. Better yet, design a sub $500 speaker for us poor audiophiles.
The Europa is not discontinued, but will be a factory direct product from now on. Higher models will go through their existing dealer chain.

I spoke with their new CEO this morning. She seems like she has some good ideas. Going factory direct was the only way they could make a healthy margin on a low cost product.

Hope this helps. My europas are sounding very good ... more on this later. Sean
Has anyone heard anymore about the new speaker from GMA?
"Europa II" not going to happen. "Callisto" is going into the molding process within the next week, production should follow, with delivery of the first units toward the end of Sept.
I have heard from folks who have called their phone number that the new speaker (the Callisto) will be available in September. I suggest giving them a call. Supposedly, news on the new speaker will be unveiled soon. I an not sure if the Europa will be discontinued or not. At this point, I was wondering if the news on the new speaker has been released and I missed it.
Ther is going to be Callisto, Peco and Calypso. Callisto is going to be the first, at around 2k, production wise followed by the Calypso. Then the Peco will be created. So if I understand correctly, price wise it will be the Europa, the Callisto, the Peco, the Calypso, and then the Continuum lines.

I talked to Roy tonight while he was putting down a couple slices of pizza. What a great guy!

Did they send out their news letter yet?
Received my new GMA newsletter this evening, with new GMA logo. Oh, yeah, and pictures of prototype Callisto! Along with specs. And a sheet from which to choose the hardwood base for the bottom-ported, raised design. They're quite cool looking. Should have my pair by late September. Bottom line, as has been said -- Europa is NOT discontinued. It will be factory direct for $995. The Callisto is available for $1,795 through 10/31, then it goes to $2,295.
Oh the decisions. To get the Calisto's or not? Love my Europa's, and these look to be even better. The 91-92 db sensitivity really grabbed my attention. The Europa's sing on a Cayin TA-30, single-ended might be fun to play with on the Calisto's.
Jdcrox, I've got a Cayin TA-30 as well. Glad to hear that the Europas have matched well with it. Looking forward to seeing how much of an improvement the Callistos will be over my 96 db Klipsch RB-5 IIs.
I got my newsletter as well. I expect to order a pair of Callistos sometime in early October.

Winegasman - we will be anxiously anticipating your initial impressions as soon as the new speakers arrive.
Here are a few pictures and info on the Callistos