GMA callisto vs vmps rm 30

I listen mostly to hard rock, some heavy metal, blues and the callisto's sound good with everything but their dynamics are a bit polite, so i've been hearing a lot of good things about VMPS speakers namely the RM 30/RM 40, has anyone herd either of this against the callisto's if so can you give your opinion?
I own VMPS and did a extensive demo of the GM, the VMPS is hands down a more capable speaker especially in the dynamics and force.
The VMPS RM-30 are hard to beat and compare well with far more expensive speakers.
Do you currently own a pair of Callistos?

Assuming you own the Callistos, are you running a pair of powered subs?

Are what are the rest of the components in your system?

After owning a pair of Callistos, I would not buy another pair of speakers without directly comparing my Callistos (and stands) to their possible replacements. Well, I may move up the GMA line without directly comparing, but not to another speaker line.