GMA callisto vs vmps rm 30

I listen mostly to hard rock, some heavy metal, blues and the callisto's sound good with everything but their dynamics are a bit polite, so i've been hearing a lot of good things about VMPS speakers namely the RM 30/RM 40, has anyone herd either of this against the callisto's if so can you give your opinion?
I own VMPS and did a extensive demo of the GM, the VMPS is hands down a more capable speaker especially in the dynamics and force.
The VMPS RM-30 are hard to beat and compare well with far more expensive speakers.
Do you currently own a pair of Callistos?

Assuming you own the Callistos, are you running a pair of powered subs?

Are what are the rest of the components in your system?

After owning a pair of Callistos, I would not buy another pair of speakers without directly comparing my Callistos (and stands) to their possible replacements. Well, I may move up the GMA line without directly comparing, but not to another speaker line.
Yes i do own the callisto's:
the rest of my system consists a GMA Hammer lite passive subwoofer, powered by a Gallo reference 3 amp, Audio Research LS 2 mk ll preamp, Mc'cormack DNA-125 amp, Rega Saturn cd player, speaker cable Audio Magic Xstreme.
The rest of your system seems solid. However, I still stand by my statement that I would not buy another pair of speakers without directly comparing my Callistos (and stands) to their possible replacements. I was cranking "The Black Parade" last night and absolutely lovin' it.
While I agree to audition any speaker as a VMPS owner and a Callsito auditioner there is no comparison, and there really shouldnt be as the VMPS is a entire different animal with much deeper bass, better dynamics and ofcourse a much larger presentation..I would love a pair of Callisto's but would I trade?....nope.
Agree 100% one should audition the speakers side by side the problem is i can't find any place that carries both and vmps dealers in L,A. area are non existent, a point that i have to make clear is that the callisto's are awsome speakers in every respect except for dynamics, im hoping the vmps matches their superb sound while providing better dynamics, remember my musical taste leans towards hard rock / metal.
I was chatting with a friend about this...he brought up a couple of things - perhaps either your preamp (or the tubes in it) is lame-sounding and/or your amplifier has no 'guts' into these 4-to-5 Ohm speakers. While I personally think your McCormack would be fine, I definately agree with evaluating your pre-amp.

Also, do you have the Callistos pulled out from the wall behind? If not, the loud voice-range reflections from that wall makes the speakers sound mid- and upper-bass deficient, something which the subwoofer cannot help. A TV screen or a rack of stereo gear placed right between the speakers has the same effect.

Also, did you purchase your Callisto's new (and register your speakers)? If so, make sure you receive your Happy Ears System Test CD from Roy. It's nearly 80 minutes of music to help you maximize the setup / configuration of your system.

Again, I do think your McCormack amp is more than adequate, but my friend's experiences with your preamp were never overwhelmingly positive. Hard rock / metal and dynamic usually do not go hand-in-hand (sounds strange, I know). Look at (listen to) the latest Metallica release as a *great* example. It's loud, but there are no dynamics. Throw in some Dead Can Dance or Sisters of Mercy "Floodland" (or one of my personal favorites for evaluation - Tool's "Lateralus") and evaluate.
I'm guessing that for the kind of music you prefer the VMPS's would work best. I'd probably choose the GMA's for myself.