GMA Callisto's: Opinions

Hi, I know there are probably numerous threads on these speakers but I have to make a quick decision w/ no audition and am too lazy to read through every thread.

Either buying these for myself or recommend them for a musician/recording friend who wants a studio (read: accurate )monitor.

Have found a decent deal (I think, approx. $1400-1500, perfect condition) on them locally. I live in an apt./condo and will be doing so for the forseeable future (300-400 sq. ft). Plan on running 80-150 watts, tubes somewhere (don't know if it matters, pre now but undecided on amp...likely hybrid power amp)

Pretty much as much as I'd like to afford given my buying spree lately.

Unfortunately, I personally think they're ugly as sin but if they are as good as the reviews make them out...

Especially looking for immediacy, imaging (as if they are in the room, etc), tonal accuracy, details w/o being harsh, decent (note: I live in a condo) bass..

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.
a tip...for about 1k you can get a pair of castle harlechs(nos from May audio) which would be a much better speaker for the money.
Have never heard the Callistos, but do own a pair of original Europas. GMA aesthetics, if anything, are controversial - most love 'em or hate 'em. One thing is certain, though, you will be hard pressed to find a clearer, more focused soundscape, whatever your source. The new GMA EOS 1 is said to surpass the Callisto, which it replaces, for only $1900 from GMA direct. The tweeter position on the EOS is adjustable in the horizontal plane (listener can move it closer or farther away), as it rides in its own track. Dual port also improves bass. The EOS 1 are more efficient (90 dB) than my Europas, which are driven with ease by a 22 watt parallel single ended stereo tube amp.
When I did an extensive demo of the Callisto they were very VERY impressive! I wasnt prepared to like them as much as I did after hearing them, they were clear well defined, tight and imaged great...I thought they were a killer speaker and I kinda liked how they looked!
They are truly great speakers. I've heard them in several different rooms and setups, and I've always been impressed. They are fairly efficient, so you don't need a lot of power for them. If you don't care for them, you can always sell them again for the same price.
The aesthetics of the Callistos aren't as striking in person. And since you are seeking "immediacy, imaging, tonal accuracy, details w/o being harsh, and decent bass" you owe it to yourself to check these out.

If I was thinking of buying a used set for $1500, I'd pony up a few more bucks and order a factory-fresh set of Eos I's.
I own the bigger three way called the Calypso and have heard the Europas demoed in my system( it was the speed and openess and dynamics of the europa that helped me buy my bigger speakers).I happen to love the no BS look of GMA's speakers and think that either the Callisto or the Eos would be a winner.As Lorenzo mentioed, the eos does have more adjustability for a room ( smaller rooms are more critical and sensitive to timing errors)so the eos maybe a better solution.I would use the biggest amp that I could find, when I demoed the Europas, I ran 270 watts from my Karan amp into them. We attained peaks well over 100db without a hint of strain and a sonic landscape that you could land the Enterprise on!! I hope this helps and good hunting Dennis
Thanks, with the 3 models being somewhat similar, now I have to decide if the extra money is really worth it...

There is a fairly large discrepancy in price between the Europas and Callistos... and since I"m going by reviews (which I know isn't ideal), no one has heard the EOS.

I guess i should of asked all those who heard both the Europas and Callistos, how they compared?

Thanks all though.