Glowmaster Zyxt interconnects....Audioquest???

A friend of mine swears by the Glowmaster "Zyxt" interconnects. Although there is a website that advertises them for $295.00 per meter, I routinely see them on ebay for less than $100.00 for a one meter pair. I notice that the ebay user reveiws are quite positive. I intend to replace my older Audioquest "Ruby" interconnects. Anyone have experience with the Glowmasters? Will it be an upgrade over the Rubies? In the alternative, is there a sure-fire, widely-acclaimed interconnect in the $100/meter range, new or used? Many thanks!!
I have no experience with the Glowmaster cables, butI am familiar with the Rubys. The Kimber Hero is a widely acclaimed interconnect that can be obtained used for around $100. I have owned them and they will outperform the Rubys in most systems. I have also owned, and still own, Harmonic Technology Precision Link interconnects, which are in the same price range as the Heros and in my opinion are superior to the Kimber cables, at least in my system. It is always important to remember that cables, in particular interconnects, are system dependent. A cable that works well in one system may not work so well in another. Although it can be difficult It is always best to audition any potential cable candidates, in your own system, before purchase. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a sure-fire solution when it comes to cables.
Thanks Rcrerar. We have lost all of our high-end stores here in Winston-Salem, so its Best Buy or the internet. My friend with the Glowmasters is 5 hours away, so a swap isn't feasible. I'll hunt for the Kimber Hero and Harmonic Technology online, and try to find a good used set. If not, I may try the Glowmasters and then post a review. Many thanks.