Glider 2 vs Karat mkII on JMW9 w/Cube SE

I currently have the Dynavector paired with a JMW9 tonearm on my Scout with a Lehmann Black Cube SE. I know the Karat is at the limits (weighs 5.3 g) for the JMW9 arm, and the output of 0.23mV is at the limits of the Cube SE (60dB). I recently went to a lower gain pre-amp as well so I need to really crank up the volume on vinyl.

Just wondering if the Glider 2 is a better match for my set up, considering the 0.8mV model.

Thanks guys.


You are right you now need a medium or high out-put cartridge.
I prefer low out-put mc's cartridges.

You could also consider a step-up up tranny?