glass toslink does work

I was really reluctant to spend money on more cables but heck for $25 it was not going to kill me. Today they came and all I can say is wowza! My bass is so nice now. I strongly recommend them to anyone. I just bought the sonicwave ones made in china.
Agreed. I also tried a glass Toslink awhile back and was really surprised at the improvement. And it wasn't an expensive one, though I'd don't recall offhand the website where I bought it.

Even if you have a brand name Toslink, unless it specifically says it glass, it's almost certainly plastic.
Medical grade glass Toslink are available. I bought a bunch and also like them. The prices are very reasonable.
Another product is an optical grease, to improve the connection. It is expensive, but a good upgrade.
Optical grease? Do tell Elizabeth...
Try the wireworld glass toslink. I put one between a client's Mac mini and his DCS dac. It is killer good
i second thesoundhouse's opinion. i do the same with a wyred 4 sound dac2.
I recently switched to glass (Silflex $60) and made a big difference vs. the $20 'good' quality plastic.
Link to optical gel:
Elizabeth, where do you find this stuff??!!