Glass platter or Acrylic?

I'm using a Rega P5 with Exact 2 cart. The table is stock except for the groove tracer subplatter. I also use the Souther clever clamp. Phono stage is Lehmann Black Cube SE. The TT does have the outboard PSU.

I've been wondering about swapping out the glass platter for acrylic. The music I'm enjoying now has good detail, clarity, impact, but might lack a bit of bloom or warmth.

What say you? All comments will be read carefully and pondered. Thanks,
Alternatively try a Funk firm achromat on the glass platter. I put on on my P3 and the difference was immense. The Rega zip and drive is retained, but the music lost any harsh edge and the table resolves a lot more detail now, and the bass is much much cleaner.
I went one step further than Seantaylor99 and put the 14MM Funk Firm PLATTER in place of the glass platter on my Rega P25 and LOVE it! For all the reasons mentioned above.

I also hear very good things about the GrooveTracer Acrylic platter, but have not actually tried one.
I will second the 14mm Funk Firm Achroplat. I put one on my P3 a few weeks ago, and the noise floor has dropped through the, um, floor, compared to the glass platter. I now know a lot more about what's actually on the records I listen to. Also bass is much improved in quantity and quality. What I think is going on is mostly a deletion of distortion across the audible frequency (whose presence I didn't recognize before getting the Achroplat). Recordings of string sections and choirs sure play a lot cleaner, anyway.

How do you like the Clever Clamp--does it grip the record okay? I've been thinking about a weight, since the Achroplat weighs about half (or less) what the glass platter does. Haven't seen any (weights) that really excite me though.
another recommendation for the Funk Achromat. I have one that has improved every table I've used it on. Right now I'm using it on my Pink Triangle which already has an achrylic platter.
Also, if it were ma I'd also go for the 14mm Achroplat.
More questions...Achroplat does it change the VTA? or is it simply take the glass off and slip on the Achroplat and play? Does the Clever Clamp put any stress on the bearing as its not a weight? Anyone use the Michele clamp made just for Regas? Groovetracer subplatter how much better does it sound and do they give a $ back waranity if you cannot hear an improvement? Thanks in advance, a soon to be Rega P5 owner.
Achroplat does it change the VTA? or is it simply take the glass off and slip on the Achroplat and play?
The Achroplat replaces the glass platter and I believe it maintains the original height so there's no need to adjust the VTA. Of course the achromat lays on the original platter and will require VTA adjustment.