Glass FX Tube DAC DSD as headphone amp?

I’ve a Glass FX and am wondering how well it would work as a decent headphone amp? I’m currently using it for a DAC only but as my wife is now WFH like me, I was considering getting some nice headphones (closed back) to be able to listen to music but not disturb her. I’ve looked for specs on that section but haven’t had any success. Is the headphone out section powerful enough to drive some better quality cans, like Sennheiser or Audeze? I don’t want to make my ears bleed but some music calls for higher gain levels, right? Alternately, I have an ARC SP11 Mk2 and could use the second pair of preamp out jacks to drive a headphone amp should I need to go that way.
Thanks much!
The specs show design is for 30 ohm loads which puts you smack in Planar Magnetic territory.Senns won't sound good.Email Jolida for exact power output at 30 ohms.I doubt it's got much get up & go so IMO look for something with higher efficiency.HiFIMan would be a great match.I use HE-400i's driven off the 12AX7 triode tap on my amp,surreal..
Hi freediver and thanks much for your answer. I did a bit of research and found that no, the Jolida does not have enough poop to run much of anything but the lowest of impedance headphones. So I wound up procuring a beyerDyanamic A20. 
Thanks again and have a good day!