Glass for McIntosh MR 67

I a looking for new glass for the face plate of my Mcintosh tuner. The glass was broken during shipping. I had a local shop who checked at McIntosh and Audio Classics. They had no luck at these likely sources. Does anyone else make reproductions of the original or is there a source for original glass?
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Try Tom Manley at Audio Refurbishers (865) 693-0084 He may be able to help
Audio Classics in Verona, NY sold me a new glass for my MR-67 about 2 yrs ago; I don't know why they would have stopped doing so now. Check their website,, and give them a call yourself, your local shop may not have gotten the right information.
Thanks for your responses. I have called both of the sources and hopefully one of them can come through with some glass. I left messages for both of them.
Unfortunately, Audio Classics no longer has reproduction glass.
I suggest you also contact The Stereo Shop.

The Stereo Shop
505 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105
P: 860-523-7250
Hgeifman, I spoke with the Stereo shop today and unfortunately they do not have the glass. They told me that they have a large parts department but unfortunately no glass for this model. It was a good effort though so thanks for the tip.
Baranyi, do you want the old glass from my MR-67 that i replaced with the new glass from Audio Classics? The peeling was not terrible on the old glass; I even thought about retouching it myself, on the back, or even using some black electrical tape on the back to hide some of the worn out spots. Anyway, i saved it, and you can have it if you want to try retouching/repainting yourself.
Let me know,
Sarah (sc53)
I absolutely would buy your old glass. Peeling glass is better than broken glass! Just let me know how you want to handle the financial details.Thank you Sarah!