Glanz GMC 10EH needle ???

Does anyone know where I can find the stylus for this cartridge? It seems to be a Hitachi ST-45 model and I can´t find it anywhere. Any help ?
Try here.If you don't see it on the site,call and they can probably help.
I asent them an email. Thanks.
It seems pretty hard to find this needle, since its not beeing produced anymore, according to what many audiophiles say.
Is there any possibility to retip it ? I have the needle body, but it has a broken cantilever.
Maybe someone could help me?
SoundSmith can retip it. I've had several cartridges done there. EXCELLENT!
Thank you for help. Their work seems to be very good.
The point is: for U$150 maybe its better buying another cartridge...
If we were talking about a cartridge above lets say U$300 or U$400 that would be a better deal to me.
Thank you very much for help.
Maybe someone know other options.