Given Cambridge's Dac Magic and the Plus last release, should I bother?

I'm seeing reviews for these from like 2012 maybe, and the $350 price for the Plus seems a delight especially with the balanced output XLR that can go straight to my Amp...but haven't the strides the past few years kind of left these DAC's in the dust? I like the price and have no doubts about the SQ if I didn't hear anything else, what else are we looking at in this price range?
Comparing the measurements of the old $400 version against the $250 SMSL SU-8, the SMSL is better.
Thanks! Checking out now. Any idea of release date? Also both have the balanced XLR - does this mean I can bypass my Pre-Pro entirely and straight to the Amp? *B&K 200.7 driving Electra-be 928 
But that would mean dedicated source only so the theater is out...also no Sub that way w/o processor 
It’s using the current ESS 9038 (Q2M not Pro, that would be >$1500), so it can’t be that old. The chip was anounced the beginning of 2016. 
Technically, you could run it directly to a power amp, as most don’t need more than 2Vrms to reach their full potential (this usually is in the specs for the product), but then you lose the features you mentioned.
forget the measurements, just buy one with return privileges and listen to it...