Given Avalon Eidleon is considered one of the best

What about the rest of their line?Know that Fi Magazine a few years ago said it was (at the time) the state of the art (of course their were other speakers they could have picked like Wilson,100,000K Martin Logans, etc. and many speakers like highlky touted new $20K Ariel hadn't come out) for thos opf you knowlegeable about the line how consisitent is it?I know that with any company there are products at certain price points that stand out but wondering about smaller cheaper Avalons and how they stack up against say the B&W's Harbeths,Spendors.AudioPhysics,SilverLines,Josephs,Dali's,Sonus Faber's,Quads, etc etc and so many otherfine speakers availible today.Some company's seem to have more consistency then others in their entire product line while others have standouts.Just wondering about those who are informed and what they think of those speakers lesser in size and price than the Eidelons?Let's say Avalons $10K and less.
Avalon's as a whole have a very distinct house sound, the higher up you go the more bass you get. There are so many factors, but the higher up you go the better imaging, staging, depth, etc.... over all capable of being better, in the right enviroment.

I think its tough for them to compete in today's market, only now are they getting better bass response out of there lower line speakers and increasing the sensitivity. But the audio market moves quickly and there have been so many great speakers released at a much lower price I am not sure its worth it for Avalon to continue focusing on the under $10k speaker when they seem to have the $20k speaker market covered fairly well, but even that has become more competitive.

I haven't listened to the Ascendant but my previous experience with lower level avalon's(everything below the Eidolon) had left me wanting more - I was an owner of Eclipse classic's at one point. If you like the avalon sound and won't miss the bass then there is no problem at all with their lower line speakers.
Excellent points above { as usual from Tireguy }. What I would add however is that the line is and has always been stocked with excellent performing speakers . I have heard many and the "house " sound he is speaking of is one of clarity throughout the avaliable frequency range of each particular speaker of the line. Their speakers excell in reproducing images as they were recorded and though setup is of particular study and effort, the results are stunning . Holographic is a word that comes to mind when describing their speakers. They are accurate in presentation with excellent depth when set up correctly. Mr Patel didnt make a dud in the line as far as i had ever heard and his contribution to high end is important. The speakers are designed at a specific price point and as accuracy is his goal, the frequency response in the bass region correlates with price .
I have listened to Diamond, Opus, Ascendant and bought Studio Pro for obvious (!) budget reasons. Both Ascendant and Studio are tremendous achievers and the Studio Pro offers bass to only 34Hz but its quality is even better than on some higher Avalon models and eventually the best defined limited lower end I have heard without compromising musicality. The Studio Pro at $2500 are a real bargain if one likes - or tolerates- their look(I find them nice but I may be weird)....better limited bass than bad bass for me.
At $7500, the Ascendant may face some stiff competition but they are fully worth the price in a fit-finish-musicality combo. My dealer suggested that the Opus may be THE ultimate value winner (value for those who can afford $10-25k speakers...).
Finally, yes there are some giant killer $4,000 full range speakers out there (VR4 Jr, Gallo Ref3.1, Hyperion 938) but neither the VR nor the Ref approach IMHOOnly Avalon finish, look (would you like to have your Ref 3 or Hyperion in your living room? in 10yrs?), midrange, imaging and effortless musicality.
Obviously I am biased as I fell in love with the Avalon imaging and tonality. Yet, go audition some. With the right gear, you'll only need 1mn or 2 to love them hard or to just walk away.
This is an interesting thread. I had a similar experience in ownership to that of Tireguy; my Radian HCs "left me wanting more". For me, the more was MORE INVOLVEMENT.
Many blame the Spectral electronics that I used with the Avalons, but I read/heard much that these pieces were designed to be used together. After a couple of months listening, I sold them and am very glad I did.
Now having heard a friends' Eidolons with great OTL amplification, it makes me wonder what the Radians would have sounded like driven by some OTLs. FWIW, this man's opinion is that the Radians and most of the lower priced Avalons I've heard(Opus, Eclipse, EclipseII, Symbol) all share the "Hi-FI" pyrotechnics, but don't do the best job of drawing you into the music, and making you want to listen to more. When considering ownership of any of them, I'd highly recommend longer-than normal auditions, preferably in your own system. Also, tubes vs. ss amps will have a big impact on your results. Cheers,
I recently purchased the Ascendants, I have never owned
a more involving speaker, powering them with a pass x-350.
Compared them to B&W 803D, Maggie 3.6 other speakers
I've owned Proac,Dunlavy,thiel.
My audio friends have all been very impressed after a listening session.
Give them a listen if you can.
I have had Thiel 7.2, Eggleston Andra, Dynaudio C5, Temptation, B&W and some others. None of them gave me as much satisfaction as the Avalons. I am trying to get the scratch for some Avalon Eidolon Diamonds!!
I have auditioned Avalon Ascendant with Ayre amplifier, and the sound was very impressive especially in stage and tonal balance.
As you know, Ascendant costs much more than studio pro, but your posting seems to be that the sound of Studio pro is similar to Ascendant.

I don’t really care about the look and finish, but I care the real base( not boomy) and sound stage.

My local dealer does not carry studio pro, so I can not try them, so please share with me if you have any opinion.
Meaning no disrespect,this business of "house sound" is a bit silly.The system is dependent on the Amp/speaker interface,the room personality,and the associated equipment being used.After that,it is up to the experience,and skills of the owner to take it to the max.
I own,and love,the Avalon Ascent-mk2.It is a superb timeless design,of true Heirloom quality.Easy load(a BIG deal),external crossover,sealed enclosure,that is massive.This surely would be far more costly,in today's market.
Upon Avalon's about face,on the subject of porting vs sealed enclosures,what I did,to stay abreast of their quest to satisfy the "bass obsessed",was to add a REL STENTOR,to the system.I did this at the criticism of my audio pals,yet it has worked out incredibly well.It has allowed me to keep the advantages of this stunning sealed design,while adding a real Wallop,and depth.However it took me a long time to correctly voice,with absolutely NO seam.
I am now looking into adding a superb super tweeter,to stay abreast of the new tweeter technologies,and keep my system competitive with the best the New Avalon CO has to offer.These add on designs do exist,if one does some homework,and some are better matches than others.I have heard almost all models of the newer Avalons(which are all fine,IMO)and am very confident in my decision to take this route.
What I have been able to do(thanks to a good,dedicated room)is save BIG TIME MONEY,as opposed to going through the "buy and sell" syndrome.Technology can be a real benefit,if one stays abreast of what's available to us.

As to the subject of some Avalons lacking the last degree of bass response:How come we have NOT seen so much attention payed to this subject,with the "industry darling" Kharma 3.2's???Fine speakers,but like the rest of the superb Avalon line,the overall strength of the speaker takes precedence over the lowest octave.True music lovers should know(do know)this!

I also love the performance of my Ascent II speakers and I too have an REL sub in the corner. It's mostly turned off. I am quite curious about your super tweeter statement. Could you expand on that topic?
I have seen comments on the Diamond, and perhaps this applies to others in the Avalon offering, that a) they are particularily picky in terms of setting up (location wise) and b) their dynamic ability or better put to play loud and rock! is somewhat limited. True? If so, in what way? Can anyone describe?
Jeff,Hi and I hope all is well.To answer your concern regarding the super tweeters--To me,as you know,the "basic" Ascent is too god to replace.In my entire set-up I like to consider refining,through good mods,or valid tweaks,before selling anything.This way I have a system that is unique to my tastes.
My Rel Stentor decision took me two years of contemplation,and listening to various subs,before I chose mine.I don't know why yours is mostly off.Mine took me a LONG time to correctly get a seamless blend.I have it about three feet out from the back,right rear wall,and two feet to the side,set at 25 hz,and with VERY little gain.This adds depth,power and dynamics,but NO seams at all.It only comes into play based on program material.The Ascents,with todays best componentry still has fine low end performance,but I am looking to mate the Ascent's strengths,with an all out assault in SOTA performance for a speaker of reasonable size.You already know how gorgeous they are.
So having recently been to a fellow's home,who also has the same sub,using the surprisingly wonderful Sonus Faber Extrema speakers,also no longer being made,and employing the Townshend super Ribbon tweeter(which has adjustable gain,to match any speaker),we A/B'd the tweeters.I was shocked as to how they subtley improved inner textures and air.The surprising thing was that they don't come in until 20,000hz!!Who would have thought it would be so clearly obvious.It was,and I've been at this hobby for over 35 years.

So,I began researching the viability of a good add on super tweeter,that mated well with my Ascent,and could level the playing field with the Berylium/Diamond tweeter crowd.I still feel the Titanium modded tweeter,that the Ascents have is superb,but I was shocked by the Townshend performance on my friend's set-up.And they are flexible,like the REL.A no brainer,to me!Without having to sell my own,beloved and fabulous Ascents.So,I've come down to the Townshend vs the Muratas.Not cheap,but the Ascents deserve the best.When you consider what I'd have to pay,if I sold my Ascents,and bought a comparable speaker,having my current bass,and with a newer tweeter capability,you soon realize I'm saving multiple thousands of dollars/Euros,and will probably still end up with the better configuration.I have heard the Kharma Midi Exquisite on a couple of occassions,which cost 75 grand,and to me,the Ascents are clearly superior.I want to protect my initial investment,for the years to come.I believe the basic speaker is that good.Just my opinion.

That's my take,since you asked.

Best of luck!
Sirspeedy -- don't tell me you are leading for a change in the perspectives of this high end business? .... you know i was just joking. You have the right approach for sure! Please let us have your update --- thanks!!
Vincent,thanks.I hope to keep you updated,but it will take some time.I'm in no rush.Think by fall,2006,I should be done.Maybe sooner!