Give Up?

Put a new DAC in. Speaker starts cutting out. Amp starts clicking.
Quick, what's the problem?
That was my experience today.
Any armchair tech assessments?
I did find the issue, and I'll confirm it when it's correctly identified.
A loose solder joint will indeed cause the symptoms you described.
you probably tapped/moved/bumped the cable while working on the unit. Or, maybe someone took an opportunity to clean back behind while you were tinkering.

Cable was already just got nudged along.

I give you credit for getting it. I just read this and that was my thought initial thought as well.

Tell tale sign of a short- you just went too far and guessed how it happened which is 1000 more impossible. My favorite response was that the bit rate on the dac was not selected properly. LOL. I guess anything is possible...

Thanks, Rob. My guess came from looking at the pic of his Amplifier - speaker cables look like they are rather close to each other....
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