Give the new Kid Rock a shot.

I initially picked up the Kid Rock "Rock and Roll Jesus" and scanned it quickly. Not bad but it was not on my must play list. I gave it a run the other day and I'm here listening to it yet again. What a change in the "Kid". He is sounding Skynard / rock / mountain music / fun. Two of the favorites are #10 "Blue jeans and a rosary" and #11 "Half your age" (the more you hear this one the more you like it). I like all sorts of music from classical to country and this disk is up with my favorites. LMK if anyone has any imput on his "new" sound.
I'll take a listen. I'm always in the mood for new music.

Too bad these guys can't get in mood. There's some great stuff out there when you let go.

Haven't heard the new "Kid Rock" but I do know that for some time he has been embracing the Hank,Jr/Southern Rock side of Country Music and as a person who grew up on classic southern rock such as the Allmans, Marshall Tucker, Skynyrd, ect. I certainly appreciate people like him trying to keep that sound alive. Might have to check out what "the Kid" is up to. Any videos on CMT or GAC, yet?
the first two guys with the closed minds sound give the kid a chance he is a great performer and you just might like his music. the kid will play with anyone and is open minded about any music and will play any stile. my be you two should take a que from the kid and open you mind to different kinds of music. you might surprise yourself and really enjoy it