Give the new Kid Rock a shot.

I initially picked up the Kid Rock "Rock and Roll Jesus" and scanned it quickly. Not bad but it was not on my must play list. I gave it a run the other day and I'm here listening to it yet again. What a change in the "Kid". He is sounding Skynard / rock / mountain music / fun. Two of the favorites are #10 "Blue jeans and a rosary" and #11 "Half your age" (the more you hear this one the more you like it). I like all sorts of music from classical to country and this disk is up with my favorites. LMK if anyone has any imput on his "new" sound.
no thanks
It is recorded well and sounds great on my system. I like it!
Me neither.
The only way I'd listen to Kid Rock is if he did a duet with Diana Krall, Patricia Barber, or Norah Jones. That's it.
LOL, music snobs :-p

Kid Rocks' song "Cowboy" ....... rocks (pun intended)
I'll take a listen. I'm always in the mood for new music.

Too bad these guys can't get in mood. There's some great stuff out there when you let go.

So have the "no thanks" or "pass" or "only way" taken a moment to listen or just passing judgement based on a preconceived notion?

I saw him perform this the other day on TV and it was a great performance. If any of you fall into this category then any of you high brow diss miss what you have never heard mightier than thou folks can kiss my @ss but it was the Larry the Cable Guy Christmas show and Kid Rock rocked.

My apologies to you if you have actually listened to it and turned it down.

I haven't heard the whole album but based on this performance I am inclined to buy it.
Wow...2 people I despise. Kid Rock AND Larry The Cable Guy.
Didn't Tommy Lee give Kid Rock a shot in Vegas :-)
Haven't heard the new "Kid Rock" but I do know that for some time he has been embracing the Hank,Jr/Southern Rock side of Country Music and as a person who grew up on classic southern rock such as the Allmans, Marshall Tucker, Skynyrd, ect. I certainly appreciate people like him trying to keep that sound alive. Might have to check out what "the Kid" is up to. Any videos on CMT or GAC, yet?
It's nice to see someone interested in something other just the audiophile recordings for once. I for am a big fan of kid rock. I am also a fan of Norah Jones, and Diana Krall, although not nearly as much as kid rock.

For those that are passing judgement without hearing it first, it's too bad you don't have a more open mind.
the first two guys with the closed minds sound give the kid a chance he is a great performer and you just might like his music. the kid will play with anyone and is open minded about any music and will play any stile. my be you two should take a que from the kid and open you mind to different kinds of music. you might surprise yourself and really enjoy it
Put me in the "closed mind " camp. I cant get past this dirt bags looks to even consider him. There is just so much new music I have time ( or $ ) to try, that I have no problem taking a pass on him. Also, anyone that age that goes by the name " kid " ....
so your telling me that because some of the greatest musicians were not the best dressers and had bad stage names, and there are a lot of them, you will not listen to them. that means i guess you dont really listen to much music. DO YOU!
There's too much good music out there to find......why waste my time on "performers" like kid rock?
Different music?! Are you kidding me? And what's up with the "if it's well recorded and sounds good on my system" viewpoint. I'm sure Michael Bolton is "well recorded"...that doesn't mean I want to listen to it. The only people who like this stuff and thinks that it's different probably have the lamest music selections in their collection. The argument here would be akin to me insisting that a hardcore metalhead would just LOVE the new Celine Dion. Hey...didn't she do an AC/CD song?
Thanks for the heads up, Harris. I have been curious about this album. I saw Kid Rock sing a duet with Willie Nelson on TV once and have been hoping he would come out with some kind of country sound.

Don't worry about the negative people here. I've been to a few audio club meetings and well, let's just say most of these guys aren't really very socially adjusted. Besides, how interesting is it to talk to people that only listen to music from female singers doing the same old standards, or dead composers from centuries ago?

I much rather hear from somebody that is stretching their mind and always trying out something new. Most of these guys have lives that mirror their music taste, boring.
agaffer you are correct kid rock loves to explore different kinds of music. he will play any style and with any one. i think that is what music is about. expanding what you listen to no matter what the music is buy something new and try it. if you dont like then you can have an opinon about it.
I'll check it out, thanks Harris. I only have one Kid Rock cd, it's kind of a rappy/rock type album, that I can't recall the name of right does kick butt though, for that type of music.

This guy (Kid Rock) has so much talent, that I think he could excel at just about any type of music he wanted to do.

Fatparrot asked: "Didn't Tommy Lee give Kid Rock a shot in Vegas :-)"

No...Kid Rock gave Tommy the shot (saw it on TV).

52 year old grandfather, with Lowthers and Wavelength Custom 45s. 30+ years of high end fun.

Barber, krall, etc. yeah, I've got a ton of that, Black and Shaded dogs, ECms, $30k in my turntable.

I saw KR on the Larry/Santa roast (sweet Jesus, believe me, I was just passing through!!) Not since Bowie at the Music awards 8 years ago with "I'm afraid of Americans" have I just gone slack-jawed and immediately left the house to go buy the music.

Awesome. It makes my wife grit her teeth (of course, she's too good to actually LISTEN to it) and I have to keep the grandkids away from the language, but I love it and it's not recorded too badly, given current standards, (or lack thereof).

Let's be clear, I have no other KR and may not buy more, but this is great RR: sort of Run DMC/skynard/Guns and Roses, Arrowsmith (when they were way too stoned) and Ike and Tina (when they both had balls). Best commercial rock I've heard in over 10 years.
Hi Harris 1204 . I am really taken back at some of the negative comments your thread has generated . I have a wide range of musical tastes as well and found that being open minded and really giving different performers an honest listening has given me the chance to hear some good music that I would not have listened to if I had a closed mind . I also would like to point out you simply asked a question without being opininated and were simply conveying curiosity . I wouldn,t pay too much attention to certain FREEKS out there as with most open minded people there is two people we don,t care for , The overbearing opinionaters , and of course the ill tempered a....les . Make that three , we now have to include a morphing of the two to create a third . Ooops did I just state an opinion . My bad ! Cheers and enjoy , life is too short not be diverse .
Thanks for the heads up. I will have to give the samples a listen on amazon. Since his duet with Cheryl Crowe I have been giving the Kid a chance. I do have more than a little country in my collection and Willie and Norah are both favorites (must say Willies take on the standards ala Stardust are not my cup of tea, but I bet he and KR kicked some @ss! Is that duet available anywhere?
Wow I just listened to it and it IS pretty good. I take back everything I said. I can't believe how great it is in fact. I just listened to it three times in a row. I guess this is what the kids are calling underground/alternative rock.
i'd rather o.d. on tennesse ernie ford
Glad to see the response! Synthfreek - THANK YOU FOR GIVING IT A SHOT!! GLAD YOU LIKED IT! I learned a long time ago that being closed minded to new and / or different anythings gets you nowhere but where you were.
Donnie Osmond

Wayne Newton

Michael Bolton

Kid Rock
Agaffer why are you concluding that because someone doesn't like Kid Rock they're boring?

There's probably people on this site that have forgotten more styles of music that you've ever heard and STILL don't like Kid Rock.

And, no, I've never heard the album and am still not interested. I am prejudging based on my experiences and I am using my powers of deductive reasoning. I am assuming I will not like. Yes, I know it's possible but I doubt it.
Harris, I suspect Synthfreek is being sarcastic :-p
Thank you Pawlowski for expressing my sentiments as well. Im always amazed at the " open minded " brigade and how quickly their minds close when you dont agree with them. Dont like Kid Rock? well than youre boring, dont listen to good music and youre also a FREEK ( it's spelled FREAK by the way Mr. know it all) I own well over 1000 LP's and 900 + cd's, and there is plenty of good music in there, but since it doesnt include some white trash ,no talent dirt bag,all this is invalid. Ive heard KR and I dont like him or his music, but I dont go around disparaging those that do. Guess I need to open my mind up more....
Wow alot of snobs lurk here, I figured if people didnt want to explore it they would ignore the post but some have such pathetic lives they actually take time to slam someone who asked folks to explore music, a sad day!
I have a couple of his Disc's I recieved from step kids for presents, some is pretty good, much is not my cup of tea but I thought it was all about exploring new musc with an open mind and ears with no preconcieved bias until you actually have heard it?
Last week my mom called in a panic because my father who studied Organ for years and played for many more, with his over 10,000 mostly Classical and World music collection was playing AC/DC "Back in Black" which he somehow got from one of his record clubs, I had her put him on the phone and after a good laugh I asked him how he liked it, he said "I dont know but I am going to listen to whole album"............ that made me smile!

Winoguy17 said:

"white trash ,no talent dirt bag"

I don't think he fits there, although "no talent" may fit?...However, IMO he does have talent.

I read on Google today that he is putting on Christmas concerts for the troops in Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan right now, (I think he did it last year to?)....doesn't sound like much of a "dirt bag" type to me?

"Wow alot of snobs lurk here, I figured if people didnt want to explore it they would ignore the post but some have such pathetic lives they actually take time to slam someone who asked folks to explore music, a sad day!"

I'm not slamming anyone and I don't think I have a pathetic life. You can listen to anyone you want. I don't even want to try to make an effort to listen to Kid Rock. In fact, there's lots of artists I've never heard before that I don't make an effort to listen to because I don't think I'll like them. What do you care??

And BTW, I like AC/DC too.
OK, I take back the dirt bag. My bad.
It just looks to me that people jabbing at someone for posting a thought is a bit sad, cruel and rude, if there is nothing positive to add then dont post at all.
My attitude is you don't care for an artist, musician, performer, ect. then pass the topic by, unless you've "actually" have listen to the artist and can make a judgement from you've what you've heard. To judge without actually listening is "narrow minded". Also, people need to judge "apples with apples" and "oranges with oranges". I would never judge what what Kid Rock does, with let say, John Coltrane. Two completely different catagories of music. Coltrane is for my serious music listening, people like "Kid Rock" is the "fun stuff". And btw, it's alright to listen to music that's "fun" and might not meet audiophile standards. Btw, I don't own a "Kid Rock" CD, preferring instead to listening to classic southern rockers such as the Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ect and honky-tonkers such as Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Buck Owens and Hank Williams, Sr. Now I appreciate that Kid Rock and others like him are trying to keep this music alive, and I've also seen their videos and concerts on CMT and GAC, and for most part they do a "pretty good" job, but for myself I prefer the orginals that I've listed above.
Hi every one,
First of all.....take it easy's almost Christmas.
Not that I am a saint but come on....
Second of all, it is not that bad (album). I quess it depends on individual taste and the mood your are in(great car tracks - will keep you up).
I also listen to different kinds of music but every now and then I like to try something new.

As of his latest album being the best of his work....I am not going to be the judge of that. It is somewhat diferent with mixed styles that is for sure. Personaly , I kind of liked the first 6, 1or2 from second half including the last bonus song - track 14.
I think it could have been even better if he tone down....just a little with profanity. Just my opnion.
My only objection is that people keep saying "listen to something NEW or something DIFFERENT" like Kid Rock is some sort of "different" musician that no one has ever heard of. How is Kid Rock either new or different? His first album came out almost 16 years ago. And there are more intelligent things to listen to that are FUN and LOUD. I don't care what ya'll listen to and I don't know why I even try. You can't teach a Miller or Bud man to appreciate a fine Belgian Ale.
This tread reminds me of the Howard Stern phenomena.
If you know what I mean...
A lots of fans and even more critics.

The original question was:
if anyone has any imput on his "new" sound.

So, to stay on the topic.....Yes it is kind of chaotic.
Hard to figured out the direction his album is going.
Sounds to me like a sample record. Unsure of him self and trying to find a balance lyrics to resurrect the fading rock "star". Choosing the right path seams to be more appropriate title for this album.
Anyway, if you are looking for Amadeus Mozart....look some place else. For those who like to ROCK it might be worth a listen. Who knows,... you might like it (or not).

Cheers and

Marry Christmas to all.

Mariusz Stark
All right. I am everything you just said I was.
If anyone would e-mail a song or two in MP3, I will give him a chance.